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Survey Results

What makes you the most productive as a Developer?

Survey period: 16 Aug 2021 to 23 Aug 2021

Small things can make a big difference.

A fast, powerful machine32842.16
Solid chunks of uninterrupted time to work61679.18
Clear directions, specs, thoughts, ideas. Just point me in the right direction!48762.60
A good office setup: good chair, enough monitor real estate, endless caffeine25833.16
A good team to work with27535.35
Training. As much as I need11815.17
Good, supported tools (IDEs, components, bug tracking, DevOps etc)34344.09
IT support. The more I have to work on the OS, DB, tools, deploy etc, the less I get done10513.50
An occasional thank you25332.52
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralRe: Most of the list, and... Pin
Nelek16-Aug-21 8:26
protectorNelek16-Aug-21 8:26 
GeneralRe: Most of the list, and... Pin
stheller217-Aug-21 2:05
Memberstheller217-Aug-21 2:05 
GeneralMotivation Pin
Slacker00715-Aug-21 21:56
professionalSlacker00715-Aug-21 21:56 
GeneralRe: Motivation Pin
Daniel Pfeffer16-Aug-21 3:41
professionalDaniel Pfeffer16-Aug-21 3:41 
GeneralRe: Motivation Pin
Slacker00716-Aug-21 4:44
professionalSlacker00716-Aug-21 4:44 
GeneralRe: Motivation Pin
Daniel Pfeffer16-Aug-21 21:07
professionalDaniel Pfeffer16-Aug-21 21:07 
GeneralRe: Motivation Pin
stheller217-Aug-21 2:07
Memberstheller217-Aug-21 2:07 
GeneralRe: Motivation Pin
Daniel Pfeffer17-Aug-21 8:04
professionalDaniel Pfeffer17-Aug-21 8:04 
I'm not quite there yet. I have one daughter doing her National Service, and another still in high school.
Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.
-- 6079 Smith W.

GeneralRe: Motivation Pin
Dan Neely16-Aug-21 8:43
MemberDan Neely16-Aug-21 8:43 
GeneralRe: Motivation Pin
Jacquers16-Aug-21 23:14
MemberJacquers16-Aug-21 23:14 
GeneralOther ... Pin
Amarnath S15-Aug-21 20:15
professionalAmarnath S15-Aug-21 20:15 
GeneralRe: Other ... Pin
Mathew Crothers15-Aug-21 20:18
professionalMathew Crothers15-Aug-21 20:18 
GeneralRe: Other ... Pin
Ralf Meier15-Aug-21 23:30
mveRalf Meier15-Aug-21 23:30 
GeneralRe: Other ... Pin
Daniel Pfeffer16-Aug-21 4:35
professionalDaniel Pfeffer16-Aug-21 4:35 
GeneralRe: Other ... Pin
11917640 Member 16-Aug-21 3:05
Member11917640 Member 16-Aug-21 3:05 
GeneralRe: Other ... Pin
Greg Utas16-Aug-21 7:49
mveGreg Utas16-Aug-21 7:49 
GeneralRe: Other ... Pin
Greg Utas16-Aug-21 7:57
mveGreg Utas16-Aug-21 7:57 

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