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Survey Results

What's more satisfying:

Survey period: 2 Aug 2021 to 9 Aug 2021

It's impossible to list all the ways we get our dopamine hits as coders, so here's a shortlist. Add your own as well.

Wrote a bucket load of code, It compiles first time, no errors.274.97
Wrote a bucket load of code,, it runs correctly first time you get a clean compile6912.71
Your big refactor passes all unit tests first time244.42
You've spent a week on an insolvable problem. And you solved it.21138.86
You implemented a crazy complicated algorithm and it does exactly what it's meant to7513.81
You complete the project . Stick a fork in it, it's done.234.24
Your users run your code for the first time. They love it10920.07
Other (please comment)122.21

Generalother Pin
AnotherKen7-Aug-21 7:30
professionalAnotherKen7-Aug-21 7:30 
GeneralOther: Various Pin
K Personett7-Aug-21 5:01
MemberK Personett7-Aug-21 5:01 
Generalcompleting a project Pin
Matt McGuire5-Aug-21 7:20
professionalMatt McGuire5-Aug-21 7:20 
GeneralOther - I write an article... Pin
Marc Clifton5-Aug-21 3:32
mvaMarc Clifton5-Aug-21 3:32 
GeneralYou know you're getting old when ... Pin
CHill605-Aug-21 2:21
mveCHill605-Aug-21 2:21 
GeneralRe: You know you're getting old when ... Pin
den2k885-Aug-21 22:38
professionalden2k885-Aug-21 22:38 
GeneralAll of the above Pin
kmoorevs4-Aug-21 15:14
Memberkmoorevs4-Aug-21 15:14 
GeneralRemembering something I learnt yesterday Pin
Member 153130874-Aug-21 7:09
MemberMember 153130874-Aug-21 7:09 
GeneralUse of my code! Pin
Carlos Perez Chavez4-Aug-21 5:56
MemberCarlos Perez Chavez4-Aug-21 5:56 
GeneralAlmost never experience any of these things Pin
John Stewien4-Aug-21 5:02
MemberJohn Stewien4-Aug-21 5:02 
GeneralAutocomplete was not INSANE, and actually helpful for the last 5 minutes!!! Pin
Kirk 103898214-Aug-21 4:47
MemberKirk 103898214-Aug-21 4:47 
Generalother Pin
theoldfool4-Aug-21 4:35
professionaltheoldfool4-Aug-21 4:35 
GeneralWrote a bucket load of code, It compiles first time, no errors. Pin
MarcusCole68333-Aug-21 6:17
professionalMarcusCole68333-Aug-21 6:17 
GeneralI must be burned out Pin
Slacker0073-Aug-21 3:23
professionalSlacker0073-Aug-21 3:23 
GeneralRe: I must be burned out Pin
Slow Eddie4-Aug-21 2:57
professionalSlow Eddie4-Aug-21 2:57 
GeneralRe: I must be burned out Pin
agolddog4-Aug-21 4:42
Memberagolddog4-Aug-21 4:42 
GeneralSolving a problem after a week of trying. Pin
Ron Anders3-Aug-21 3:11
MemberRon Anders3-Aug-21 3:11 
GeneralRe: Solving a problem after a week of trying. Pin
Slow Eddie4-Aug-21 2:58
professionalSlow Eddie4-Aug-21 2:58 
GeneralHate to admit it... Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic3-Aug-21 2:46
MemberNemanja Trifunovic3-Aug-21 2:46 
GeneralOld code that STILL feels up-to-date Pin
Mike Barthold3-Aug-21 2:25
professionalMike Barthold3-Aug-21 2:25 
GeneralCan't vote for more than one? Pin
Greg Utas3-Aug-21 2:04
mvaGreg Utas3-Aug-21 2:04 
GeneralRe: Can't vote for more than one? Pin
Nelek3-Aug-21 12:00
protectorNelek3-Aug-21 12:00 
Agree... it should be multiple choice.
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GeneralOther ... Pin
Amarnath S3-Aug-21 0:06
professionalAmarnath S3-Aug-21 0:06 

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