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Survey Results

Does your manager bug you after hours to fix stuff?

Survey period: 15 Feb 2021 to 22 Feb 2021

Yes, constantly8910.46
Yes, occasionally13615.98
No, my time is my time23727.85
I don't have a manager13916.33

Q2. How do you respond to after hours requests?

I fix the issue whenever I can36142.42
I sometimes fix the issue (it depends)21224.91
I usually ignore the request384.47
I ignore the request394.58
I'm not asked to fix stuff after hours20524.09

GeneralI don't have "after hours" Pin
Anurag Gandhi18-Feb-21 23:15
professionalAnurag Gandhi18-Feb-21 23:15 
GeneralAfter-hours calls as they once were Pin
Frank Malcolm17-Feb-21 14:50
Frank Malcolm17-Feb-21 14:50 
GeneralQuiet normal if you in trading finance Pin
steveb17-Feb-21 3:16
mvesteveb17-Feb-21 3:16 
GeneralAway on leave Pin
CHill6016-Feb-21 5:46
mveCHill6016-Feb-21 5:46 
GeneralAlternate paradigm Pin
W Balboos, GHB16-Feb-21 2:33
W Balboos, GHB16-Feb-21 2:33 
GeneralNo manager, but a sort of moral obligation? PinPopular
DerekT-P16-Feb-21 0:05
professionalDerekT-P16-Feb-21 0:05 
I'm a freelancer, working with SMEs and am normally the only IT-literate person involved with the organisation. As such I don't have a "manager"; I charge by the (quarter-)hour (except for development work) and I work when, where and how I want to. However, as it's me who built the clients' systems, if they fail then occasionally I am in some small way responsible for that failure. (Maybe I didn't account for a database being unavailable, or disk space has filled up). I also tend to know the clients' businesses very well, and usually understand the impact of system problems on their business better than they do themselves. I'm not looking for new work now but, when I was, there was also the question of reputation to consider. No-one wants to be that guy who caused a business to fail because he was too into a TV soap to answer the phone when the system went down.

So issues happen out of "office" hours (what are they, anyway? As above, I work when I want. Usually that's from about 11am to 2pm, then another chunk about 4pm to 6pm. Occasionally 9pm to 11pm, or 1am if it's fun). In those situations I weigh up the impacts on the client of not getting their system back quickly, and on me being inconvenienced. If it's an evening issue, I might drop them an email to say "I know about it, will fix 1st thing" then address it at 7am the next day. I think being proactive is important. All my systems are configured to track exceptions (not just errors, but unusual events - like attempted login from an unknown user) and many have external monitoring. So I very often know before the client does if something's up, and I'll let them know immediately if I possibly can. Give them a plan and an ETA if something needs fixing. What clients hate most (in my experience) is uncertainty. They can live with their system being down for an hour or two if they can be confident it will be back up at NN o'clock. Staff can take an early lunch, or they can bring forward a team meeting, or staff can let their spouses know they'll be home a bit late.

I've never had a client so much as mention negatives with my approach, far less complain or send their business elsewhere.
GeneralRe: No manager, but a sort of moral obligation? Pin
honey the codewitch16-Feb-21 13:57
mvahoney the codewitch16-Feb-21 13:57 
GeneralOn Standby... Pin
Jacquers15-Feb-21 20:00
Jacquers15-Feb-21 20:00 
GeneralOnly when something is actually urgent Pin
acomputerdog15-Feb-21 5:15
professionalacomputerdog15-Feb-21 5:15 
GeneralVery bad practice creeping in as an expectation Pin
Eek Ten Bears15-Feb-21 2:41
Eek Ten Bears15-Feb-21 2:41 
GeneralRe: Very bad practice creeping in as an expectation Pin
Kirk 1038982116-Feb-21 2:51
Kirk 1038982116-Feb-21 2:51 
GeneralRespect and duty Pin
den2k8815-Feb-21 2:23
professionalden2k8815-Feb-21 2:23 
GeneralIf needed - of course Pin
Slacker00715-Feb-21 1:08
professionalSlacker00715-Feb-21 1:08 
GeneralVery rarely almost not existant Pin
Nelek14-Feb-21 22:50
protectorNelek14-Feb-21 22:50 
GeneralCall back at midnight Pin
Uroš Šmon14-Feb-21 22:40
professionalUroš Šmon14-Feb-21 22:40 
GeneralWhen I worked for others I didn't do after hours. Pin
OriginalGriff14-Feb-21 21:11
mvaOriginalGriff14-Feb-21 21:11 
GeneralRe: When I worked for others I didn't do after hours. Pin
Greg Utas15-Feb-21 1:05
mveGreg Utas15-Feb-21 1:05 
GeneralRe: When I worked for others I didn't do after hours. Pin
agolddog16-Feb-21 3:41
agolddog16-Feb-21 3:41 
GeneralRe: When I worked for others I didn't do after hours. Pin
honey the codewitch16-Feb-21 14:01
mvahoney the codewitch16-Feb-21 14:01 
GeneralRe: When I worked for others I didn't do after hours. Pin
W Balboos, GHB17-Feb-21 1:36
W Balboos, GHB17-Feb-21 1:36 
GeneralA Junior Manager's story Pin
Amarnath S14-Feb-21 19:28
professionalAmarnath S14-Feb-21 19:28 
GeneralRe: A Junior Manager's story Pin
GregoryW14-Feb-21 20:55
GregoryW14-Feb-21 20:55 
GeneralRe: A Junior Manager's story Pin
den2k8815-Feb-21 2:28
professionalden2k8815-Feb-21 2:28 

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