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Survey Results

All I want for Christmas is...

Survey period: 21 Dec 2020 to 28 Dec 2020

A year to really come to terms with what's actually important.

The pandemic to be over and a return to normal. Whatever that means.38850.99
A change of scenery344.47
To be able to see and hold my friends and family9612.61
A clear line between work and home. I'd like to be able to unplug395.12
More job / Financial / Personal success769.99
Toys. Some serious toys.557.23
A change of jobs (or a different position)395.12
People to listen, to be honest, open and respectful of one another, and to forgo the need to exaggerate and lie18123.78
Better health and/or fitness13217.35
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralMore Time to do Things Pin
Jalapeno Bob26-Dec-20 18:57
professionalJalapeno Bob26-Dec-20 18:57 
GeneralA vacation! Pin
Sander Rossel23-Dec-20 2:02
professionalSander Rossel23-Dec-20 2:02 
GeneralWhere is "Follow the Scientific Method" in the list? Pin
puromtec122-Dec-20 11:49
Memberpuromtec122-Dec-20 11:49 
GeneralRe: Where is "Follow the Scientific Method" in the list? Pin
Richard Andrew x6425-Dec-20 15:45
professionalRichard Andrew x6425-Dec-20 15:45 
GeneralMultiple select please? Pin
Erik Burd22-Dec-20 5:46
professionalErik Burd22-Dec-20 5:46 
GeneralRe: Multiple select please? Pin
Chris Maunder22-Dec-20 5:59
cofounderChris Maunder22-Dec-20 5:59 
GeneralRe: Multiple select please? Pin
MarkTJohnson22-Dec-20 6:48
professionalMarkTJohnson22-Dec-20 6:48 
GeneralRe: Multiple select please? Pin
PIEBALDconsult24-Dec-20 6:13
professionalPIEBALDconsult24-Dec-20 6:13 
GeneralA hippopotamus Pin
Matt Bond22-Dec-20 3:43
MemberMatt Bond22-Dec-20 3:43 
GeneralOutlook Mail Pin
Slow Eddie22-Dec-20 3:04
professionalSlow Eddie22-Dec-20 3:04 
AnswerRe: Outlook Mail Pin
Anurag Gandhi23-Dec-20 4:20
professionalAnurag Gandhi23-Dec-20 4:20 
GeneralRe: Outlook Mail Pin
Bitbeisser25-Dec-20 14:09
MemberBitbeisser25-Dec-20 14:09 
GeneralIf I have to wish... Pin
Nelek21-Dec-20 9:16
protectorNelek21-Dec-20 9:16 
GeneralThe old saying still holds true Pin
W Balboos, GHB21-Dec-20 5:56
mveW Balboos, GHB21-Dec-20 5:56 
GeneralAll I want for Christmas is... Pin
OriginalGriff20-Dec-20 23:43
mveOriginalGriff20-Dec-20 23:43 
PraiseRe: All I want for Christmas is... Pin
Slacker00721-Dec-20 0:45
professionalSlacker00721-Dec-20 0:45 
GeneralRe: All I want for Christmas is... Pin
rnbergren21-Dec-20 6:31
Memberrnbergren21-Dec-20 6:31 
GeneralOther: All of above and more... Pin
Amit Joshi CP20-Dec-20 20:52
MemberAmit Joshi CP20-Dec-20 20:52 
All of above and more...
Amit Joshi

Value of the value is valued only if its value is valued.

GeneralWoodworking toys... PinPopular
Efe Erdoğru20-Dec-20 20:21
professionalEfe Erdoğru20-Dec-20 20:21 
GeneralRe: Woodworking toys... Pin
Rusty Bullet22-Dec-20 4:28
MemberRusty Bullet22-Dec-20 4:28 
Generalradiobuttons? Pin
V.20-Dec-20 20:15
professionalV.20-Dec-20 20:15 
GeneralBetter health and fitness Pin
RossMW20-Dec-20 19:32
professionalRossMW20-Dec-20 19:32 

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