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Survey Results

What's your favourite IT targeted TV show?

Survey period: 3 Aug 2020 to 10 Aug 2020

If yours isn't in the list add it as a comment.

Mr Robot598.18
Silicon Valley618.46
Black Mirror537.35
The IT Crowd15120.94
Bonus:The X-Files425.83
I don't watch TV20928.99
Other (please comment)608.32

General28% developer (those who code) don't watch TV Pin
Anurag Gandhi8-Aug-20 0:23
professionalAnurag Gandhi8-Aug-20 0:23 
GeneralAdvice for those who "don't watch TV" Pin
Patrice T6-Aug-20 9:58
mvePatrice T6-Aug-20 9:58 
or for long evenings of winter Smile | :)
The Shockwave Rider - Wikipedia[^]
Good books on computer science are so rare (movies too).

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Albert Einstein

GeneralOther - Person of Interest Pin
Marc Clifton5-Aug-20 4:45
mvaMarc Clifton5-Aug-20 4:45 
GeneralRe: Other - Person of Interest Pin
Gary R. Wheeler7-Aug-20 13:47
MemberGary R. Wheeler7-Aug-20 13:47 
Generalh&cf Pin
thewazz4-Aug-20 10:53
professionalthewazz4-Aug-20 10:53 
GeneralRe: h&cf Pin
Gary R. Wheeler7-Aug-20 13:55
MemberGary R. Wheeler7-Aug-20 13:55 
GeneralThe District Pin
Bob@work4-Aug-20 7:50
MemberBob@work4-Aug-20 7:50 
GeneralOther Pin
jackbrownii4-Aug-20 6:14
professionaljackbrownii4-Aug-20 6:14 
GeneralRe: Other Pin
Daniel T Barnett4-Aug-20 7:00
MemberDaniel T Barnett4-Aug-20 7:00 
GeneralRe: Other Pin
billthi74-Aug-20 11:52
Memberbillthi74-Aug-20 11:52 
GeneralDevs Pin
Richard Deeming4-Aug-20 3:59
mveRichard Deeming4-Aug-20 3:59 
GeneralI dont watch tv Pin
mirdana4-Aug-20 3:21
Membermirdana4-Aug-20 3:21 
GeneralShows need for more shows Pin
Eek Ten Bears4-Aug-20 1:06
MemberEek Ten Bears4-Aug-20 1:06 
GeneralHalt and Catch Fire Pin
dannette3-Aug-20 12:11
Memberdannette3-Aug-20 12:11 
GeneralRe: Halt and Catch Fire Pin
Ravi Bhavnani3-Aug-20 17:26
professionalRavi Bhavnani3-Aug-20 17:26 
GeneralRe: Halt and Catch Fire Pin
Ed(Member 1767792)4-Aug-20 8:37
MemberEd(Member 1767792)4-Aug-20 8:37 
GeneralThe Big Bang Theory??? Pin
Fred Kreppert3-Aug-20 7:21
MemberFred Kreppert3-Aug-20 7:21 
GeneralRe: The Big Bang Theory??? Pin
iskSYS3-Aug-20 22:11
professionaliskSYS3-Aug-20 22:11 
GeneralRe: The Big Bang Theory??? Pin
Fabio Franco3-Aug-20 23:59
professionalFabio Franco3-Aug-20 23:59 
GeneralNo tv. Pin
Ron Anders3-Aug-20 3:53
MemberRon Anders3-Aug-20 3:53 
GeneralHalt and catch fire Pin
den2k883-Aug-20 3:09
professionalden2k883-Aug-20 3:09 
GeneralRe: Halt and catch fire Pin
Ravi Bhavnani3-Aug-20 17:27
professionalRavi Bhavnani3-Aug-20 17:27 
GeneralThe Usual: missing answer Pin
W Balboos, GHB3-Aug-20 1:32
mveW Balboos, GHB3-Aug-20 1:32 
GeneralRe: The Usual: missing answer Pin
Nelek3-Aug-20 3:07
protectorNelek3-Aug-20 3:07 
GeneralThe IT Crowd Pin
Vikram A Punathambekar3-Aug-20 1:24
MemberVikram A Punathambekar3-Aug-20 1:24 

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