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Survey Results

Which of the following databases do you plan to use (or are using) this year?

Survey period: 20 Apr 2020 to 27 Apr 2020

Assuming you need a database, that is.

SQL Server64865.19
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralOther: MS SQL CE Pin
Amit Joshi CP25-Apr-20 1:30
MemberAmit Joshi CP25-Apr-20 1:30 
With some other leading RDBMS, I also use MS SQL CE.
Amit Joshi

Value of the value is valued only if its value is valued.

GeneralOther: Base Pin
Jalapeno Bob23-Apr-20 11:10
professionalJalapeno Bob23-Apr-20 11:10 
GeneralNexusDB Pin
Frank Malcolm21-Apr-20 14:46
MemberFrank Malcolm21-Apr-20 14:46 
GeneralRe: NexusDB Pin
RickZeeland24-Apr-20 22:31
mveRickZeeland24-Apr-20 22:31 
GeneralRe: NexusDB Pin
Frank Malcolm25-Apr-20 12:40
MemberFrank Malcolm25-Apr-20 12:40 
GeneralA folder of XML files! Pin
Bruce Greene21-Apr-20 8:31
MemberBruce Greene21-Apr-20 8:31 
GeneralI don't need no freakin database Pin
inch21-Apr-20 4:40
Memberinch21-Apr-20 4:40 
GeneralRe: I don't need no freakin database Pin
Anonymee21-Apr-20 9:46
professionalAnonymee21-Apr-20 9:46 
GeneralIndexedDB Pin
Member 1079431321-Apr-20 3:52
MemberMember 1079431321-Apr-20 3:52 
GeneralRedis Pin
Jacquers20-Apr-20 21:29
MemberJacquers20-Apr-20 21:29 
GeneralLiteDB Pin
Jacquers20-Apr-20 21:28
MemberJacquers20-Apr-20 21:28 
GeneralRe: LiteDB Pin
TX643024-Apr-20 9:01
MemberTX643024-Apr-20 9:01 
GeneralOther: Access Pin
M.Vo.20-Apr-20 20:14
MemberM.Vo.20-Apr-20 20:14 
GeneralOther: DB2 Pin
Andreas Mertens20-Apr-20 17:00
professionalAndreas Mertens20-Apr-20 17:00 
GeneralSuggetion Pin
W Balboos, GHB20-Apr-20 10:02
mveW Balboos, GHB20-Apr-20 10:02 
GeneralOther - Interbase Pin
User 1106097920-Apr-20 7:27
MemberUser 1106097920-Apr-20 7:27 
GeneralOther - Access Pin
kmoorevs20-Apr-20 6:42
Memberkmoorevs20-Apr-20 6:42 
GeneralMight be learning Mongo DB here soon Pin
Slacker00720-Apr-20 2:44
professionalSlacker00720-Apr-20 2:44 
GeneralRe: Might be learning Mongo DB here soon Pin
ScottM121-Apr-20 12:39
MemberScottM121-Apr-20 12:39 
GeneralRe: Might be learning Mongo DB here soon Pin
Slacker00722-Apr-20 1:11
professionalSlacker00722-Apr-20 1:11 
GeneralRe: Might be learning Mongo DB here soon Pin
ScottM122-Apr-20 6:16
MemberScottM122-Apr-20 6:16 
GeneralOther Pin
Member 1067702420-Apr-20 0:25
professionalMember 1067702420-Apr-20 0:25 
GeneralSQLite Pin
den2k8819-Apr-20 23:31
professionalden2k8819-Apr-20 23:31 
GeneralAnd where is the box for Excel? Pin
OriginalGriff19-Apr-20 22:01
mveOriginalGriff19-Apr-20 22:01 
GeneralRe: And where is the box for Excel? Pin
KarstenK19-Apr-20 22:58
mveKarstenK19-Apr-20 22:58 

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