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Survey Results

You've been tasked with writing a Mobile App. What frameworks do you use?

Survey period: 6 Jan 2020 to 13 Jan 2020

There's a lot of options. Half the job is picking the right one.

Xcode + SwiftUI or UIKit697.35
Android Studio + Java or Kotlin19120.34
React Native545.75
Other (please comment)464.90
I have no idea24526.09
I don't (and would not) write mobile apps.19921.19
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralUsing Andromo with limits Pin
MarcelloCarrabba13-Jan-20 1:56
professionalMarcelloCarrabba13-Jan-20 1:56 
GeneralDevExtreme from DevExpress Pin
Marc Greiner at home10-Jan-20 3:58
Marc Greiner at home10-Jan-20 3:58 
GeneralI don't write mobile app(s) Pin
Likefire9-Jan-20 23:12
Likefire9-Jan-20 23:12 
GeneralToo Little Information Pin
Jane's Diary8-Jan-20 13:06
Jane's Diary8-Jan-20 13:06 
GeneralI would do a web app Pin
dannette8-Jan-20 5:44
dannette8-Jan-20 5:44 
GeneralCan't believe they didn't include PhoneGap/Cordova Pin
gstolarov7-Jan-20 12:28
gstolarov7-Jan-20 12:28 
GeneralKivy with Buildozer Pin
Rick Shaub7-Jan-20 8:14
Rick Shaub7-Jan-20 8:14 Pin
englebart7-Jan-20 6:47
professionalenglebart7-Jan-20 6:47 
GeneralDon't have particular interest Pin
agolddog7-Jan-20 4:31
agolddog7-Jan-20 4:31 
GeneralDepends on the functionality they need Pin
maze37-Jan-20 0:13
professionalmaze37-Jan-20 0:13 
GeneralOther - progressive web app Pin
DerekT-P6-Jan-20 22:53
professionalDerekT-P6-Jan-20 22:53 
GeneralRe: Other - progressive web app Pin
Jay Bardeleben7-Jan-20 7:04
professionalJay Bardeleben7-Jan-20 7:04 
GeneralRe: Other - progressive web app Pin
MarcelloCarrabba13-Jan-20 1:53
professionalMarcelloCarrabba13-Jan-20 1:53 
GeneralRe: Other - progressive web app Pin
DerekT-P13-Jan-20 7:06
professionalDerekT-P13-Jan-20 7:06 
GeneralRe: Other - progressive web app Pin
MarcelloCarrabba14-Jan-20 0:21
professionalMarcelloCarrabba14-Jan-20 0:21 
GeneralUWP --> UNO Platform Pin
ISanti6-Jan-20 22:46
ISanti6-Jan-20 22:46 
GeneralMy preference would be Android Studio Pin
Daniel Pfeffer6-Jan-20 22:24
professionalDaniel Pfeffer6-Jan-20 22:24 
GeneralRe: My preference would be Android Studio Pin
NotUnique7-Jan-20 15:33
professionalNotUnique7-Jan-20 15:33 
GeneralOther (Whatever my boss tells me to use) Pin
Ammar_Ahmad6-Jan-20 19:35
Ammar_Ahmad6-Jan-20 19:35 
GeneralFlutter is good Pin
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan6-Jan-20 12:08
mveAfzaal Ahmad Zeeshan6-Jan-20 12:08 
GeneralOther - Web App using Vue.js or React on front end and Node in back. Pin
Scott Serl6-Jan-20 7:01
Scott Serl6-Jan-20 7:01 
With a web app, you can support not only mobile, but any device. I would use a local db for local state and MongoDb on the server (it's works great as long as you know what you are doing...including security).
I have written mobile apps before...after doing so, I got rid of my cell phone.
GeneralThere Are Limits Pin
W Balboos, GHB6-Jan-20 5:26
mveW Balboos, GHB6-Jan-20 5:26 
Generalb4x Pin
Jonas Hammarberg6-Jan-20 2:46
professionalJonas Hammarberg6-Jan-20 2:46 
GeneralRe: b4x Pin
Marc Clifton6-Jan-20 3:44
mvaMarc Clifton6-Jan-20 3:44 
GeneralRe: b4x Pin
Jonas Hammarberg10-Jan-20 4:29
professionalJonas Hammarberg10-Jan-20 4:29 

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