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Survey Results

Where do you do your best problem solving thinking?

Survey period: 4 Nov 2019 to 11 Nov 2019

Some problems can't be brute-forced

While going for a walk or hike28731.40
Lying in bed at 2AM unable to sleep23325.49
In the shower / bath24326.59
Talking it through with colleague, partner, random stranger, pet etc28831.51
While exercising758.21
At my computer30833.70
During meditation475.14
While doing something completely unrelated38942.56
While eating, drinking, or consuming other substances9410.28
Other (please comment)606.56
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralLSD Pin
E. Anderson7-Nov-19 11:20
E. Anderson7-Nov-19 11:20 
GeneralWhile trying to avoid doing something I should be doing...... Pin
DaveAuld7-Nov-19 1:00
professionalDaveAuld7-Nov-19 1:00 
Generalwhilst driving Pin
Simon_Whale5-Nov-19 22:30
professionalSimon_Whale5-Nov-19 22:30 
GeneralA longer coffeebreak with collegues Pin
KarstenK5-Nov-19 21:27
mveKarstenK5-Nov-19 21:27 
GeneralWhile trying to solve a different problem Pin
Kaladin5-Nov-19 7:48
Kaladin5-Nov-19 7:48 
GeneralWhile doing some physical activity or resting? Pin
maze35-Nov-19 6:24
professionalmaze35-Nov-19 6:24 
GeneralNeed another option Pin
obermd5-Nov-19 4:23
obermd5-Nov-19 4:23 
GeneralRunning Pin
Gary Wheeler5-Nov-19 3:36
Gary Wheeler5-Nov-19 3:36 
GeneralDocumenting what the solution is going to look like Pin
kalberts5-Nov-19 2:49
kalberts5-Nov-19 2:49 
GeneralWhile Watching Marvel Movies Pin
Edward Quixote4-Nov-19 23:56
professionalEdward Quixote4-Nov-19 23:56 
GeneralMost popular option is missing : "Washroom" Pin
Hemant Singh Rautela4-Nov-19 22:16
professionalHemant Singh Rautela4-Nov-19 22:16 
Generalall are valid Pin
Nelek4-Nov-19 12:03
protectorNelek4-Nov-19 12:03 
GeneralWalking Pin
Ron Anders4-Nov-19 8:00
Ron Anders4-Nov-19 8:00 
GeneralWhile Sleeping PinPopular
Scott Serl4-Nov-19 6:54
Scott Serl4-Nov-19 6:54 
I often wake up and just know how to solve the problem from the previous day.
GeneralRe: While Sleeping Pin
DerekT-P5-Nov-19 4:22
professionalDerekT-P5-Nov-19 4:22 
GeneralRe: While Sleeping Pin
Bernhard Hiller5-Nov-19 21:57
Bernhard Hiller5-Nov-19 21:57 
GeneralRe: While Sleeping Pin
Eddy Vluggen7-Nov-19 22:21
professionalEddy Vluggen7-Nov-19 22:21 
Generala special part of my brain works in parallel constantly Pin
u-li4-Nov-19 6:04
u-li4-Nov-19 6:04 
Generallight bulb coming on Pin
MarcusCole68334-Nov-19 5:25
professionalMarcusCole68334-Nov-19 5:25 
General"Other" - please comment Pin
Marc Clifton4-Nov-19 3:13
mvaMarc Clifton4-Nov-19 3:13 
GeneralRe: "Other" - please comment Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki4-Nov-19 4:05
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki4-Nov-19 4:05 
GeneralNobody answered "Rubber ducking"? Pin
Johnny J.3-Nov-19 21:48
professionalJohnny J.3-Nov-19 21:48 
GeneralRe: Nobody answered "Rubber ducking"? Pin
Slacker0073-Nov-19 22:09
professionalSlacker0073-Nov-19 22:09 
GeneralRe: Nobody answered "Rubber ducking"? Pin
den2k883-Nov-19 23:02
professionalden2k883-Nov-19 23:02 
GeneralRe: Nobody answered "Rubber ducking"? Pin
RJOberg4-Nov-19 4:34
professionalRJOberg4-Nov-19 4:34 

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