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Survey Results

Do you code in your spare time?

Survey period: 28 Oct 2019 to 4 Nov 2019

Assuming you have some.

Yes, constantly10810.82
Yes, regularly22922.95
Yes, occasionally27327.35
Yes, but rarely26526.55
No, never12312.32

GeneralAs a hobby programmer... Pin
PJ Arends3-Nov-19 8:49
professionalPJ Arends3-Nov-19 8:49 
GeneralDefine spare time... Pin
Andreas Mertens1-Nov-19 3:22
professionalAndreas Mertens1-Nov-19 3:22 
GeneralI spare time in my coding sometimes Pin
Dean Roddey31-Oct-19 10:33
Dean Roddey31-Oct-19 10:33 
GeneralCoding gets in your blood... Pin
Mike Hankey31-Oct-19 9:27
mveMike Hankey31-Oct-19 9:27 
GeneralCoding only occurs during spare time Pin
JSilvers29-Oct-19 8:18
professionalJSilvers29-Oct-19 8:18 
GeneralYes, because I have to do something to cleanse the insanity Pin
Marc Clifton29-Oct-19 6:15
mvaMarc Clifton29-Oct-19 6:15 
GeneralUsed to... constantly, now occasionally Pin
K Personett29-Oct-19 5:03
K Personett29-Oct-19 5:03 
I used to code in my spare time constantly, but have so many other non-software projects going on I find myself only doing so when an idea/inspiration comes to mind and I want to commit it to disk while still "in the moment".

Result = Better W/L balance
GeneralLeft out an option "I don't have any spare time" Pin
Slow Eddie29-Oct-19 3:18
professionalSlow Eddie29-Oct-19 3:18 
GeneralYes, constantly - - - sort of Pin
W Balboos, GHB29-Oct-19 2:05
W Balboos, GHB29-Oct-19 2:05 
GeneralAfter a long dry spell Pin
Gary Wheeler29-Oct-19 1:53
Gary Wheeler29-Oct-19 1:53 
GeneralPlanning, designing, ... but realizing all the ideas? well... Pin
kalberts29-Oct-19 1:35
kalberts29-Oct-19 1:35 
GeneralCode-movie balance Pin
Swinkaran28-Oct-19 16:58
professionalSwinkaran28-Oct-19 16:58 
GeneralRetired Pin
Mycroft Holmes28-Oct-19 12:44
professionalMycroft Holmes28-Oct-19 12:44 
GeneralRe: Retired Pin
dandy724-Nov-19 8:58
dandy724-Nov-19 8:58 
GeneralFairly constantly Pin
  Forogar  28-Oct-19 8:06
professional  Forogar  28-Oct-19 8:06 
GeneralWhat is this concept of 'spare time'? Pin
Dominic Burford28-Oct-19 2:33
professionalDominic Burford28-Oct-19 2:33 
GeneralRe: What is this concept of 'spare time'? Pin
Slacker00728-Oct-19 2:50
professionalSlacker00728-Oct-19 2:50 
GeneralDo things in real life... Pin
Eek Ten Bears28-Oct-19 2:32
Eek Ten Bears28-Oct-19 2:32 
GeneralWork life balance gets more important in years Pin
KarstenK28-Oct-19 0:17
mveKarstenK28-Oct-19 0:17 
PraiseRe: Work life balance gets more important in years Pin
Slacker00728-Oct-19 2:05
professionalSlacker00728-Oct-19 2:05 
GeneralNot as much as I used to (2) PinPopular
Sander Rossel27-Oct-19 21:53
professionalSander Rossel27-Oct-19 21:53 
GeneralRe: Not as much as I used to (2) Pin
GregoryW27-Oct-19 22:49
GregoryW27-Oct-19 22:49 
Generalspare ? Pin
BillWoodruff27-Oct-19 20:56
professionalBillWoodruff27-Oct-19 20:56 
GeneralNot as much as I used to Pin
PIEBALDconsult27-Oct-19 18:14
mvePIEBALDconsult27-Oct-19 18:14 

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