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How much do you trust each of these companies with your personal data?

Survey period: 30 Sep 2019 to 7 Oct 2019

Your bank details, health details, "personal" photos. If 1 = "I have zero trust", and 5 means "I trust them completely", how do you rate the big guys?

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GeneralRe: my thoughts Pin
Chris Maunder1-Oct-19 11:43
cofounderChris Maunder1-Oct-19 11:43 
GeneralRe: my thoughts Pin
Slacker0071-Oct-19 19:22
professionalSlacker0071-Oct-19 19:22 
GeneralIf 1 = zero trust... Pin
#realJSOP29-Sep-19 23:38
mva#realJSOP29-Sep-19 23:38 
PraiseRe: If 1 = zero trust... Pin
Eek Ten Bears30-Sep-19 0:45
MemberEek Ten Bears30-Sep-19 0:45 
GeneralRe: If 1 = zero trust... Pin
Chris Maunder30-Sep-19 3:43
cofounderChris Maunder30-Sep-19 3:43 
GeneralRe: If 1 = zero trust... Pin
Wendelius30-Sep-19 4:36
mveWendelius30-Sep-19 4:36 
GeneralRe: If 1 = zero trust... Pin
Greg Utas30-Sep-19 14:40
mveGreg Utas30-Sep-19 14:40 
GeneralRe: If 1 = zero trust... Pin
RugbyLeague30-Sep-19 21:10
MemberRugbyLeague30-Sep-19 21:10 
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