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Survey Results

JavaScript, TypeScript, or something else?

Survey period: 1 Jul 2019 to 8 Jul 2019

Assuming you need to write JavaScript, do you prefer plain JavaScript or one of the typed alternatives?

Javascript all the way34638.83
TypeScript for me18520.76
CoffeeScript please20.22
Something else222.47
I don't write JavaScript32836.81

GeneralOnce into TypeScript, never back Pin
GregoryW30-Jun-19 20:35
GregoryW30-Jun-19 20:35 
GeneralRe: Once into TypeScript, never back Pin
Slacker00730-Jun-19 22:40
professionalSlacker00730-Jun-19 22:40 
GeneralJS unless the framework requires me to use TypeScript. Pin
GKP199230-Jun-19 18:50
professionalGKP199230-Jun-19 18:50 
GeneralPresently JS... Pin
Mike Hankey30-Jun-19 18:19
mveMike Hankey30-Jun-19 18:19 
GeneralRe: Presently JS... Pin
GregoryW30-Jun-19 20:37
GregoryW30-Jun-19 20:37 
GeneralRe: Presently JS... Pin
Mike Hankey30-Jun-19 21:12
mveMike Hankey30-Jun-19 21:12 
GeneralRe: Presently JS... Pin
ZurdoDev1-Jul-19 1:47
professionalZurdoDev1-Jul-19 1:47 
GeneralRe: Presently JS... Pin
GregoryW1-Jul-19 22:13
GregoryW1-Jul-19 22:13 
Well, basically as long as you don't deal with pure JavaScript there is no need for TypeScript at all. In case if your work require to write JS, then TypeScript for sure will help you to easily maintain the code.
Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

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