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Do you code when on vacation?

Survey period: 19 Mar 2018 to 26 Mar 2018

va·ca·tion (noun) the action of leaving something one previously occupied

I don't have vacations928.06

GeneralI also spell check on my holidays... Pin
NeverJustHere22-Mar-18 22:10
MemberNeverJustHere22-Mar-18 22:10 
GeneralOnly if I i could ... Pin
MathsInBinaries22-Mar-18 10:45
MemberMathsInBinaries22-Mar-18 10:45 
GeneralAbsoluitely Pin
GKP199221-Mar-18 20:17
professionalGKP199221-Mar-18 20:17 
GeneralYes Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter20-Mar-18 22:36
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter20-Mar-18 22:36 
GeneralI long for the days Pin
PIEBALDconsult20-Mar-18 14:50
professionalPIEBALDconsult20-Mar-18 14:50 
GeneralIn an emergency Pin
rriegel20-Mar-18 10:20
professionalrriegel20-Mar-18 10:20 
GeneralNot for Work! Pin
Mason@IPACC20-Mar-18 5:24
MemberMason@IPACC20-Mar-18 5:24 
GeneralOnly when... Pin
koolprasadd20-Mar-18 1:11
professionalkoolprasadd20-Mar-18 1:11 
GeneralMy pet project Pin
Smart K819-Mar-18 15:19
professionalSmart K819-Mar-18 15:19 
PraiseRe: My pet project Pin
Eddy Vluggen20-Mar-18 5:28
professionalEddy Vluggen20-Mar-18 5:28 
GeneralRe: My pet project Pin
GKP199222-Mar-18 0:32
professionalGKP199222-Mar-18 0:32 
GeneralTwo words: HELL NO!!! Pin
Erik Burd19-Mar-18 9:54
professionalErik Burd19-Mar-18 9:54 
GeneralRe: Two words: HELL NO!!! Pin
Sundance Kid19-Mar-18 22:46
MemberSundance Kid19-Mar-18 22:46 
GeneralRe: Two words: HELL NO!!! Pin
Eddy Vluggen20-Mar-18 5:48
professionalEddy Vluggen20-Mar-18 5:48 
GeneralRe: Two words: HELL NO!!! Pin
PeejayAdams20-Mar-18 7:57
MemberPeejayAdams20-Mar-18 7:57 
GeneralRe: Two words: HELL NO!!! Pin
Jon McKee21-Mar-18 11:56
professionalJon McKee21-Mar-18 11:56 
Generalbest times PinPopular
Dennis E White19-Mar-18 6:23
professionalDennis E White19-Mar-18 6:23 
AnswerNo Way! Pin
ronlease19-Mar-18 6:06
professionalronlease19-Mar-18 6:06 
Every place I ever worked, I made sure the employer understood that vacation is vacation. Unless someone is on fire AND there's something I can about it, don't bug me.

GeneralWork or Hobby Coding? Pin
MarcusCole683319-Mar-18 4:16
professionalMarcusCole683319-Mar-18 4:16 
GeneralDoes coding wow-Addons in lua count? :) Pin
Mike Barthold19-Mar-18 4:00
professionalMike Barthold19-Mar-18 4:00 
GeneralRe: Does coding wow-Addons in lua count? :) Pin
Slacker00719-Mar-18 5:43
professionalSlacker00719-Mar-18 5:43 
Generalhealth Pin
john morrison leon19-Mar-18 2:46
Memberjohn morrison leon19-Mar-18 2:46 
GeneralUsed to, because I was expected to do it and sometimes I did it for fun and learning Pin
Oshtri Deka19-Mar-18 2:06
professionalOshtri Deka19-Mar-18 2:06 
GeneralNever, but Pin
W Balboos, GHB19-Mar-18 1:30
mveW Balboos, GHB19-Mar-18 1:30 
GeneralIf you've answered... Pin
Vincent Maverick Durano18-Mar-18 22:48
professionalVincent Maverick Durano18-Mar-18 22:48 

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