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Survey Results

Is your handwriting legible?

Survey period: 8 Jan 2018 to 15 Jan 2018

...and be honest. Legible means "to other people".

Yes. To me. Mostly37933.33
Not to other people, no14813.02
Not even to me.13111.52
I no longer hand write645.63

GeneralRe: better than doctor's prescription Pin
Karthik_Mahalingam9-Jan-18 18:59
professionalKarthik_Mahalingam9-Jan-18 18:59 
GeneralLooks sometimes like a snake Pin
KarstenK8-Jan-18 7:37
mveKarstenK8-Jan-18 7:37 
GeneralRe: Looks sometimes like a snake Pin
Mohibur Rashid10-Jan-18 19:04
professionalMohibur Rashid10-Jan-18 19:04 
GeneralIt was quite good in childhood and teenage Pin
Ehsan Sajjad8-Jan-18 7:29
professionalEhsan Sajjad8-Jan-18 7:29 
GeneralI don't write very often, but when I do..... Pin
Dominic Burford8-Jan-18 5:34
professionalDominic Burford8-Jan-18 5:34 
GeneralI keep finding ... Pin
megaadam8-Jan-18 3:52
professionalmegaadam8-Jan-18 3:52 
GeneralRe: I keep finding ... Pin
Mohibur Rashid10-Jan-18 19:07
professionalMohibur Rashid10-Jan-18 19:07 
GeneralI started in Catholic school... Pin
ronlease8-Jan-18 3:43
professionalronlease8-Jan-18 3:43 
Good penmanship was not an option. Smile | :) I can write and print well with my right hand, and I can stumble through print with my left hand. Left-handed cursive... not so much.

GeneralIt's legible Pin
Sander Rossel8-Jan-18 3:01
professionalSander Rossel8-Jan-18 3:01 
GeneralI Shout Very Quietly Pin
PeejayAdams8-Jan-18 1:57
MemberPeejayAdams8-Jan-18 1:57 
GeneralIt has been described Pin
W Balboos, GHB8-Jan-18 1:24
mveW Balboos, GHB8-Jan-18 1:24 
GeneralI hardly ever hand write anymore Pin
inch8-Jan-18 1:10
Memberinch8-Jan-18 1:10 
GeneralRe: I hardly ever hand write anymore Pin
Mycroft Holmes8-Jan-18 21:26
professionalMycroft Holmes8-Jan-18 21:26 
GeneralNot even to me... Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter8-Jan-18 0:53
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter8-Jan-18 0:53 
GeneralI have beautiful handwriting, some have said it is short of heavenly Pin
Slacker0078-Jan-18 0:38
professionalSlacker0078-Jan-18 0:38 
Generalumm - legible if short and sweet. Pin
Simon_Whale7-Jan-18 23:16
professionalSimon_Whale7-Jan-18 23:16 
GeneralI used to have really bad handwriting. Pin
OriginalGriff7-Jan-18 23:08
mveOriginalGriff7-Jan-18 23:08 
GeneralRe: I used to have really bad handwriting. Pin
CodeWraith8-Jan-18 0:30
MemberCodeWraith8-Jan-18 0:30 
GeneralRe: I used to have really bad handwriting. Pin
DJ van Wyk8-Jan-18 23:56
professionalDJ van Wyk8-Jan-18 23:56 
GeneralAnd it used to impeccable before Pin
Deepak Vasudevan7-Jan-18 23:05
MemberDeepak Vasudevan7-Jan-18 23:05 
GeneralDepends... Pin
V.7-Jan-18 20:43
professionalV.7-Jan-18 20:43 
General....Its a matter of practice Pin
koolprasadd7-Jan-18 19:41
professionalkoolprasadd7-Jan-18 19:41 
GeneralRe: ....Its a matter of practice Pin
Nelek13-Jan-18 11:58
protectorNelek13-Jan-18 11:58 
GeneralRe: ....Its a matter of practice Pin
koolprasadd14-Jan-18 18:33
professionalkoolprasadd14-Jan-18 18:33 
GeneralMy notes are to myself Pin
PIEBALDconsult7-Jan-18 19:05
professionalPIEBALDconsult7-Jan-18 19:05 

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