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Survey Results

Do you use voice control on your smart phone?

Survey period: 23 Oct 2017 to 30 Oct 2017

With the proliferation of various voice control systems, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby, to name a few, do you actually use the voice control service? (Suggested by Mycroft Holmes)

Yes, all the time473.87
Yes, occasionally20116.56
Yes, I've used it26221.58
No, I've never used it60349.67
I don't own a voice controllable device1018.32

GeneralOcasionally but: Pin
megaadam26-Oct-17 1:23
professionalmegaadam26-Oct-17 1:23 
GeneralFor adding quick reminders Pin
Karthik_Mahalingam24-Oct-17 19:08
professionalKarthik_Mahalingam24-Oct-17 19:08 
GeneralRe: For adding quick reminders Pin
Wastedtalent27-Oct-17 4:03
professionalWastedtalent27-Oct-17 4:03 
GeneralRe: For adding quick reminders Pin
Karthik_Mahalingam29-Oct-17 17:10
professionalKarthik_Mahalingam29-Oct-17 17:10 
GeneralWhat ?????? Pin
Bryian Tan24-Oct-17 7:02
professionalBryian Tan24-Oct-17 7:02 
GeneralRe: What ?????? Pin
Mycroft Holmes25-Oct-17 21:07
professionalMycroft Holmes25-Oct-17 21:07 
GeneralRe: What ?????? Pin
Dan Neely26-Oct-17 4:30
MemberDan Neely26-Oct-17 4:30 
GeneralRe: What ?????? Pin
PeejayAdams27-Oct-17 2:30
MemberPeejayAdams27-Oct-17 2:30 
GeneralSome Apps or Phone Functions Pin
milo-xml24-Oct-17 5:36
professionalmilo-xml24-Oct-17 5:36 
GeneralSort of Pin
Maia Longhorn24-Oct-17 4:34
MemberMaia Longhorn24-Oct-17 4:34 
GeneralDriving and... Pin
Joan M24-Oct-17 4:26
professionalJoan M24-Oct-17 4:26 
GeneralRe: Driving and... Pin
Wastedtalent27-Oct-17 4:07
professionalWastedtalent27-Oct-17 4:07 
GeneralRe: Driving and... Pin
Joan M27-Oct-17 5:29
professionalJoan M27-Oct-17 5:29 
GeneralPretty much only when driving and ... Pin
svella24-Oct-17 3:36
Membersvella24-Oct-17 3:36 
GeneralYes i used it. Pin
maze324-Oct-17 0:10
professionalmaze324-Oct-17 0:10 
GeneralI don't own a voice controllable device... Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter23-Oct-17 21:22
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter23-Oct-17 21:22 
GeneralRe: I don't own a voice controllable device... Pin
maze324-Oct-17 0:12
professionalmaze324-Oct-17 0:12 
GeneralRe: I don't own a voice controllable device... Pin
Daniel Wilianto24-Oct-17 17:01
MemberDaniel Wilianto24-Oct-17 17:01 
GeneralOnly when driving... Pin
Jeremy Falcon23-Oct-17 14:32
professionalJeremy Falcon23-Oct-17 14:32 
Generalnot just my phone... Pin
Dennis E White23-Oct-17 13:24
professionalDennis E White23-Oct-17 13:24 
GeneralBest Form of Voice Control Pin
W Balboos, GHB23-Oct-17 8:06
mveW Balboos, GHB23-Oct-17 8:06 
GeneralAmazingly... Pin
  Forogar  23-Oct-17 7:28
professional  Forogar  23-Oct-17 7:28 
GeneralAll the time Pin
kmoorevs23-Oct-17 4:56
Memberkmoorevs23-Oct-17 4:56 
Example: yet another call from my idiot brother-in-law who must need to complain about his aches/pains/doctor's visits, brag about his kids/grandkids, or relive his glory days with stories that he obviously forgot he already told me.

Issue voice command: Elephant | [mastadon] Elephant | [mastadon] Elephant | [mastadon] I don't have time for you're drivel as I'm busy working! Please go the Elephant | [mastadon] away! Mad | :mad:

It works! The phone quits ringing and I avoid the conversation! Laugh | :laugh:

Of course, this is only a temporary fix. Not one to be put off, he usually leaves me a stupid message such as 'hey it's me...just calling to see what's up' that I have to then listen to and delete. Mad | :mad: If it's something really important (just washed the car and needs to let me know how great it looks) he's been known to call up to 4X in a single day until I finally answer. Sigh | :sigh:
"Go forth into the source" - Neal Morse

GeneralRe: All the time Pin
Herbie Mountjoy25-Oct-17 0:45
professionalHerbie Mountjoy25-Oct-17 0:45 
GeneralYeah. I have an iphone 5... Pin
Ron Anders23-Oct-17 4:37
MemberRon Anders23-Oct-17 4:37 

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