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Survey Results

What scares you as a developer?

Survey period: 31 Oct 2016 to 7 Nov 2016

Someone who needs help with their computer recognising you as an IT professional54943.47
Finding your desk has been turned into a pair-programming station27721.93
Being told you have to demo the code to the customer in person. Today.33326.37
Shipping code that has a debug DROP TABLE Users statement left uncommented33026.13
Your manager reading a new management book38530.48
Your main admin password being mailed to you31524.94
Being told the day before launch that you need to support IE. Version 7.47937.93
Other (please comment)15011.88
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralOther. Pin
mbb0131-Oct-16 23:35
Membermbb0131-Oct-16 23:35 
GeneralRe: Other. Pin
Rahul VB1-Nov-16 0:38
professionalRahul VB1-Nov-16 0:38 
GeneralOther...Unexpected support on weekend/odd hours Pin
Vipin_Arora31-Oct-16 23:01
MemberVipin_Arora31-Oct-16 23:01 
GeneralRe: Other...Unexpected support on weekend/odd hours Pin
Rahul VB31-Oct-16 23:25
professionalRahul VB31-Oct-16 23:25 
GeneralOther... Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter31-Oct-16 22:39
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter31-Oct-16 22:39 
PraiseRe: Other... Pin
Rahul VB31-Oct-16 23:27
professionalRahul VB31-Oct-16 23:27 
GeneralScary Pin
Jonas Hammarberg31-Oct-16 22:05
professionalJonas Hammarberg31-Oct-16 22:05 
GeneralRe: Scary Pin
Ri_31-Oct-16 22:28
MemberRi_31-Oct-16 22:28 
Equally scary alternatives:

... was a desktop or hardware support engineer for a few years but wants to be a programmer.

... is fresh from university... with a degree in Advanced Nuclear Physics/Biology/Statistics.

... used to be an X dev but wants to be a Y dev now

Subtext: company too cheap or can't afford Y devs, therefore repurposing any other dev they can lay their hands on, willing or unwilling. Sigh | :sigh:

GeneralRe: Scary Pin
Rahul VB31-Oct-16 23:29
professionalRahul VB31-Oct-16 23:29 
GeneralUsers with a small amount of "programming" knowledge Pin
Out of Memory31-Oct-16 21:44
MemberOut of Memory31-Oct-16 21:44 
GeneralRe: Users with a small amount of "programming" knowledge Pin
Ri_31-Oct-16 22:31
MemberRi_31-Oct-16 22:31 
GeneralShortly speaking... Pin
Thornik1-Nov-16 1:46
MemberThornik1-Nov-16 1:46 
GeneralRe: Users with a small amount of "programming" knowledge Pin
rnbergren1-Nov-16 2:43
Memberrnbergren1-Nov-16 2:43 
GeneralRe: Users with a small amount of "programming" knowledge Pin
Mycroft Holmes2-Nov-16 23:13
professionalMycroft Holmes2-Nov-16 23:13 
Generalyou need to take over a project... Pin
SirWernich31-Oct-16 21:14
MemberSirWernich31-Oct-16 21:14 
GeneralOther Pin
Brady Kelly31-Oct-16 20:23
MemberBrady Kelly31-Oct-16 20:23 
GeneralBack from the grave Pin
kmoorevs31-Oct-16 12:10
Memberkmoorevs31-Oct-16 12:10 
GeneralRe: Back from the grave Pin
SirWernich31-Oct-16 21:15
MemberSirWernich31-Oct-16 21:15 
GeneralLoosing my source code Pin
Ovie Prince Tegaton31-Oct-16 11:07
professionalOvie Prince Tegaton31-Oct-16 11:07 
GeneralRe: Loosing my source code Pin
Brady Kelly31-Oct-16 20:25
MemberBrady Kelly31-Oct-16 20:25 
GeneralRe: Loosing my source code Pin
Gary Wheeler1-Nov-16 1:49
MemberGary Wheeler1-Nov-16 1:49 
GeneralRe: Loosing my source code Pin
Brady Kelly1-Nov-16 3:19
MemberBrady Kelly1-Nov-16 3:19 
GeneralRe: Loosing my source code Pin
Kirk 103898211-Nov-16 3:44
MemberKirk 103898211-Nov-16 3:44 
GeneralWhen... Pin
Vincent Maverick Durano31-Oct-16 9:42
professionalVincent Maverick Durano31-Oct-16 9:42 
GeneralRe: When... Pin
Erik Burd31-Oct-16 10:17
professionalErik Burd31-Oct-16 10:17 

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