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Survey Results

What's your favourite type of music to listen to while coding?

Survey period: 7 Dec 2015 to 14 Dec 2015

Yes there are a near infinite number of genres and sub-genres but choose the one that best fits your tastes or select other and tell us in the comments. What sounds get your creative juices flowing?

House / Techno21910.46
Hip Hop / Rap462.20
I don't listen to music while coding54425.98

GeneralI could not vote but I say mine Pin
den2k8815-Jan-16 1:59
professionalden2k8815-Jan-16 1:59 
GeneralI don't listen to anything. Pin
devvvy13-Dec-15 16:58
Memberdevvvy13-Dec-15 16:58 
I don't listen to anything.

GeneralAmbient/Celtic/Mystic instrumental music Pin
Mike Barthold12-Dec-15 0:11
professionalMike Barthold12-Dec-15 0:11 
GeneralMusic is life Pin
Prince Tegaton10-Dec-15 6:32
MemberPrince Tegaton10-Dec-15 6:32 
GeneralWhy not Multichoice - and where's Chiptune??? Pin
MarqW10-Dec-15 2:43
MemberMarqW10-Dec-15 2:43 
GeneralMusic is completely ignored by brain while in deep coding Pin
koolprasadd9-Dec-15 18:53
professionalkoolprasadd9-Dec-15 18:53 
GeneralRe: Music is completely ignored by brain while in deep coding Pin
RhishikeshLathe9-Dec-15 21:32
professionalRhishikeshLathe9-Dec-15 21:32 
GeneralTechno/Ambient/Noise/80'sRock ... pretty much sums it up. Pin
Maximilien9-Dec-15 11:04
MemberMaximilien9-Dec-15 11:04 
GeneralPodcasts Pin
daleofcourse8-Dec-15 23:00
Memberdaleofcourse8-Dec-15 23:00 
GeneralMinimal does the trick Pin
g3rdi8-Dec-15 21:39
Memberg3rdi8-Dec-15 21:39 
GeneralRe: Minimal does the trick Pin
CDP18028-Dec-15 23:32
MemberCDP18028-Dec-15 23:32 
GeneralNo music allowed in our company. Pin
RhishikeshLathe8-Dec-15 20:59
professionalRhishikeshLathe8-Dec-15 20:59 
GeneralRe: No music allowed in our company. Pin
dandy729-Dec-15 8:51
Memberdandy729-Dec-15 8:51 
GeneralRe: No music allowed in our company. Pin
RhishikeshLathe9-Dec-15 21:28
professionalRhishikeshLathe9-Dec-15 21:28 
GeneralNature sounds Pin
Doug Domeny8-Dec-15 12:02
professionalDoug Domeny8-Dec-15 12:02 
GeneralFamiliar music Pin
patbob8-Dec-15 6:45
Memberpatbob8-Dec-15 6:45 
GeneralKlingon developers Pin
CPallini8-Dec-15 6:41
mveCPallini8-Dec-15 6:41 
GeneralRe: Klingon developers Pin
CDP18028-Dec-15 23:26
MemberCDP18028-Dec-15 23:26 
GeneralWhite noise Pin
Amarnath S8-Dec-15 5:55
professionalAmarnath S8-Dec-15 5:55 
GeneralShameless plug Pin
Ravi Bhavnani8-Dec-15 5:41
professionalRavi Bhavnani8-Dec-15 5:41 
GeneralRe: Shameless plug Pin
ones and zeros10-Dec-15 4:29
professionalones and zeros10-Dec-15 4:29 
GeneralRe: Shameless plug Pin
Ravi Bhavnani10-Dec-15 4:33
professionalRavi Bhavnani10-Dec-15 4:33 
GeneralChiptunes Pin
Doug.McFarlane8-Dec-15 4:52
MemberDoug.McFarlane8-Dec-15 4:52 
General26% of adequate coders... Pin
Thornik8-Dec-15 4:54
MemberThornik8-Dec-15 4:54 
GeneralRe: 26% of adequate coders... Pin
CDP18028-Dec-15 23:30
MemberCDP18028-Dec-15 23:30 

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