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Survey Results

As an IT professional, are you paid enough?

Survey period: 9 Nov 2015 to 16 Nov 2015

Many of us do what we do even if we weren't paid. Given that, do you feel you're paid enough, too much or just right? Be honest and reasonable.

I'm not paid anywhere near enough22713.54
I'm not paid enough68340.75
I'm paid about right57934.55
I'm a little over-paid754.47
I'm paid way too much251.49
I'm not paid875.19

Generalcheap rate Pin
Anil Sharma198319-Nov-15 22:55
professionalAnil Sharma198319-Nov-15 22:55 
GeneralIt depends on the customers Pin
Momoko Asahina 708H15-Nov-15 16:21
MemberMomoko Asahina 708H15-Nov-15 16:21 
GeneralI'm paid about right Pin
CPallini13-Nov-15 10:56
mveCPallini13-Nov-15 10:56 
GeneralTo the people who voted "I'm paid too much" Pin
ed welch12-Nov-15 3:06
Membered welch12-Nov-15 3:06 
GeneralRe: To the people who voted "I'm paid too much" Pin
RedDk12-Nov-15 6:27
MemberRedDk12-Nov-15 6:27 
GeneralRe: To the people who voted "I'm paid too much" Pin
Colin Mullikin13-Nov-15 7:17
professionalColin Mullikin13-Nov-15 7:17 
GeneralRe: To the people who voted "I'm paid too much" Pin
Patrice T13-Nov-15 22:59
mvePatrice T13-Nov-15 22:59 
GeneralNot getting paid enough Pin
Krunal Rohit10-Nov-15 23:43
professionalKrunal Rohit10-Nov-15 23:43 
I really want to change the job, but can't find the appropriate one.
Kinda stuck with my current job. Frown | :(

GeneralDepends on the project... Pin
Member 1062543310-Nov-15 11:18
MemberMember 1062543310-Nov-15 11:18 
GeneralRoger Ebert's response... Pin
James Curran10-Nov-15 6:34
MemberJames Curran10-Nov-15 6:34 
GeneralRe: Roger Ebert's response... Pin
Colin Mullikin13-Nov-15 7:19
professionalColin Mullikin13-Nov-15 7:19 
GeneralRe: Roger Ebert's response... Pin
thatraja14-Nov-15 21:35
professionalthatraja14-Nov-15 21:35 
GeneralRelatively... worse Pin
Gjeltema10-Nov-15 5:32
MemberGjeltema10-Nov-15 5:32 
GeneralSelf Employed Pin
_WinBase_10-Nov-15 4:52
Member_WinBase_10-Nov-15 4:52 
Generalpay for the job Pin
Dennis E White10-Nov-15 4:49
professionalDennis E White10-Nov-15 4:49 
GeneralAre you happy with what your doing? Pin
Wynter Dragon10-Nov-15 4:48
MemberWynter Dragon10-Nov-15 4:48 
GeneralIt's relative Pin
agolddog10-Nov-15 3:45
Memberagolddog10-Nov-15 3:45 
GeneralRe: It's relative Pin
Kirk 1038982110-Nov-15 4:45
MemberKirk 1038982110-Nov-15 4:45 
GeneralAbout right Pin
Member 1103480610-Nov-15 2:23
MemberMember 1103480610-Nov-15 2:23 
GeneralI don't get paid... Pin
Brisingr Aerowing10-Nov-15 2:13
professionalBrisingr Aerowing10-Nov-15 2:13 
GeneralI'm not paid enough Pin
mrprakash9-Nov-15 18:11
professionalmrprakash9-Nov-15 18:11 
GeneralRe: I'm not paid enough Pin
Kirk 1038982110-Nov-15 4:51
MemberKirk 1038982110-Nov-15 4:51 
GeneralRe: I'm not paid enough Pin
mrprakash15-Nov-15 19:26
professionalmrprakash15-Nov-15 19:26 
GeneralRe: I'm not paid enough Pin
Kirk 1038982115-Nov-15 19:35
MemberKirk 1038982115-Nov-15 19:35 
GeneralRe: I'm not paid enough Pin
mrprakash15-Nov-15 22:32
professionalmrprakash15-Nov-15 22:32 

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