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Survey Results

How physically active are you?

Survey period: 17 Aug 2015 to 24 Aug 2015

The pizza eating coke quaffing stereotype of software developers is fading, but how wrong is it?

I exercise at least 7 times a week1076.06
I exercise 4-6 times a week41523.49
I exercise 2-3 times a week37621.28
I exercise at least once a week21111.94
I exercise less than once a week19611.09
I exercise rarely or never46226.15

GeneralPlaying Drums 3x week and week ends count? Pin
Member 1192973223-Aug-15 14:20
MemberMember 1192973223-Aug-15 14:20 
GeneralI do IronMan sh*t total body extreme destruction 5 times a week Pin
Member 1176605422-Aug-15 12:24
MemberMember 1176605422-Aug-15 12:24 
GeneralDoes masturbation count??? Pin
Johnny J.21-Aug-15 2:06
professionalJohnny J.21-Aug-15 2:06 
GeneralIt really depends on what you mean by "exercise" Pin
Rob Grainger20-Aug-15 23:30
MemberRob Grainger20-Aug-15 23:30 
GeneralRarely or never, unless you count.... Pin
Tom Clement20-Aug-15 5:41
professionalTom Clement20-Aug-15 5:41 
GeneralMoving house... Pin
  Forogar  19-Aug-15 5:51
professional  Forogar  19-Aug-15 5:51 
GeneralI'm playing Starcraft daily Pin
Cristian Amarie18-Aug-15 22:07
MemberCristian Amarie18-Aug-15 22:07 
Generalrarely Pin
ravikhoda18-Aug-15 21:51
professionalravikhoda18-Aug-15 21:51 
GeneralRe: rarely Pin
Sanket Saxena19-Aug-15 0:24
professionalSanket Saxena19-Aug-15 0:24 
Generalwhat counts as exercise? Pin
Yusuf18-Aug-15 7:23
MemberYusuf18-Aug-15 7:23 
My fingers get plenty of workout throughout the day on the keyboard. Does that count Roll eyes | :rolleyes:

I'll grab my coat

GeneralRe: what counts as exercise? Pin
Sanket Saxena19-Aug-15 0:25
professionalSanket Saxena19-Aug-15 0:25 
GeneralDo math exercises count? Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki18-Aug-15 7:14
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki18-Aug-15 7:14 
GeneralAh, it ain't worth it Pin
mtiede18-Aug-15 6:30
Membermtiede18-Aug-15 6:30 
GeneralRe: Ah, it ain't worth it Pin
Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi18-Aug-15 9:38
MemberAmir Mohammad Nasrollahi18-Aug-15 9:38 
GeneralRe: Ah, it ain't worth it Pin
mtiede18-Aug-15 9:46
Membermtiede18-Aug-15 9:46 
GeneralRe: Ah, it ain't worth it Pin
Shao Voon Wong19-Aug-15 19:05
mvaShao Voon Wong19-Aug-15 19:05 
GeneralThe dog takes me for a drag most evenings Pin
MarkTJohnson18-Aug-15 5:33
professionalMarkTJohnson18-Aug-15 5:33 
GeneralWorkouts Pin
NotUnique18-Aug-15 5:11
professionalNotUnique18-Aug-15 5:11 
GeneralBest Combo Pin
aakash.jalodkar18-Aug-15 4:18
professionalaakash.jalodkar18-Aug-15 4:18 
General30 minutes 3 days a week Pin
Mostafa A. Ali18-Aug-15 3:31
professionalMostafa A. Ali18-Aug-15 3:31 
GeneralBit difficult at the moment ... Pin
CHill6018-Aug-15 2:10
mveCHill6018-Aug-15 2:10 
GeneralRe: Bit difficult at the moment ... Pin
garbski20-Aug-15 8:53
Membergarbski20-Aug-15 8:53 
GeneralRe: Bit difficult at the moment ... Pin
CPallini21-Aug-15 6:46
mveCPallini21-Aug-15 6:46 
GeneralDoes this count? Pin
Amarnath S17-Aug-15 23:46
professionalAmarnath S17-Aug-15 23:46 
GeneralRegular workout Pin
Raviraj Patel17-Aug-15 23:12
MemberRaviraj Patel17-Aug-15 23:12 

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