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Survey Results

Windows 10 goes live this week. As a developer, is this good news or bad news?

Survey period: 27 Jul 2015 to 3 Aug 2015

Your app will run on phone, PCs,the XBox, but you'll have to learn new APIs, but you get new features, but now you have Yet Another Platform to test on... How does it balance out for you?

Windows 10 is excellent news for me30315.65
Windows 10 is a positive development56529.18
It means nothing to me either way51526.60
It's not good news for me673.46
Windows 10 will make my life a living Hell48625.10

GeneralI'm waiting Pin
RomTibi1-Aug-15 9:12
RomTibi1-Aug-15 9:12 
Win 11 or XI, and 12 or XII

VII. 36. When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard.
SUN-TZU - Art of War

GeneralWindows 10 is a positive development Pin
Dharmesh .S. Patil30-Jul-15 22:26
professionalDharmesh .S. Patil30-Jul-15 22:26 
GeneralDon't care so much Pin
Nelek28-Jul-15 11:13
protectorNelek28-Jul-15 11:13 
GeneralBit Premature Pin
Wastedtalent28-Jul-15 0:51
professionalWastedtalent28-Jul-15 0:51 
GeneralPositive Eventually Pin
cjb11027-Jul-15 21:35
cjb11027-Jul-15 21:35 
GeneralCouldn't care less... Pin
Oshtri Deka27-Jul-15 11:38
professionalOshtri Deka27-Jul-15 11:38 
General10 is the last version? Pin
jkirkerx27-Jul-15 7:57
professionaljkirkerx27-Jul-15 7:57 
GeneralMaybe After SP3 Pin
W Balboos, GHB27-Jul-15 6:36
W Balboos, GHB27-Jul-15 6:36 
GeneralYour app will run on phone, PCs,the XBox Pin
Rob Philpott27-Jul-15 4:22
Rob Philpott27-Jul-15 4:22 
GeneralOh here it comes... Pin
Ron Anders27-Jul-15 3:51
Ron Anders27-Jul-15 3:51 
GeneralPros and Cons Pin
FIorian Schneidereit27-Jul-15 3:13
FIorian Schneidereit27-Jul-15 3:13 
GeneralRe: Pros and Cons Pin
Nish Nishant27-Jul-15 7:07
sitebuilderNish Nishant27-Jul-15 7:07 
GeneralRe: Pros and Cons Pin
User 418025428-Jul-15 6:33
User 418025428-Jul-15 6:33 
GeneralRe: Pros and Cons Pin
Nelek28-Jul-15 11:11
protectorNelek28-Jul-15 11:11 
GeneralRe: Pros and Cons Pin
Marc Clifton29-Jul-15 1:39
mvaMarc Clifton29-Jul-15 1:39 
GeneralRe: Pros and Cons Pin
Erik Burd29-Jul-15 9:28
professionalErik Burd29-Jul-15 9:28 
GeneralWait and see Pin
Mike Hankey27-Jul-15 1:30
mveMike Hankey27-Jul-15 1:30 
GeneralI don't honestly know. Pin
OriginalGriff27-Jul-15 0:21
mveOriginalGriff27-Jul-15 0:21 
GeneralRe: I don't honestly know. Pin
Slacker00727-Jul-15 0:51
professionalSlacker00727-Jul-15 0:51 
GeneralOh, Vienna Pin
chriselst26-Jul-15 22:40
professionalchriselst26-Jul-15 22:40 
GeneralI will need to test Windows 10 first... Pin
Johnny J.26-Jul-15 22:21
professionalJohnny J.26-Jul-15 22:21 
GeneralMessage Removed Pin
27-Jul-15 9:54
professionalN_tro_P27-Jul-15 9:54 
GeneralI have an eye on Sparta Pin
AlexCode26-Jul-15 21:48
professionalAlexCode26-Jul-15 21:48 
GeneralRe: I have an eye on Sparta Pin
KarstenK26-Jul-15 22:07
mveKarstenK26-Jul-15 22:07 
GeneralRe: I have an eye on Sparta Pin
AlexCode27-Jul-15 11:21
professionalAlexCode27-Jul-15 11:21 

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