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Survey Results

What Bug / Task Tracking software do you use?

Survey period: 12 Jan 2015 to 19 Jan 2015

Not a definitive list by any means, so if your fave is missing then please add a comment.

Rational ClearQuest251.91
Team Foundation Server34926.72
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralAssembla Pin
Mesrop Davoyan18-Jan-15 4:56
professionalMesrop Davoyan18-Jan-15 4:56 
GeneralOther - 'JOB' Pin
kmoorevs15-Jan-15 5:07
Memberkmoorevs15-Jan-15 5:07 
GeneralJIRA Pin
Sudhir Dutt Rawat14-Jan-15 20:52
MemberSudhir Dutt Rawat14-Jan-15 20:52 
GeneralSourceForge tickets / OStickets Pin
hpcoder214-Jan-15 18:04
Memberhpcoder214-Jan-15 18:04 
Generalwiki Pin
John M. Drescher14-Jan-15 6:26
MemberJohn M. Drescher14-Jan-15 6:26 
GeneralCollabnet - TeamForge Pin
Amarnath S14-Jan-15 3:30
professionalAmarnath S14-Jan-15 3:30 
GeneralRally Dev Pin
Joseph Regis13-Jan-15 20:43
MemberJoseph Regis13-Jan-15 20:43 
GeneralAxosoft Bug Tracker Pin
Philippe Mori13-Jan-15 16:53
MemberPhilippe Mori13-Jan-15 16:53 
GeneralOTHER - integrated with app Pin
PSU Steve13-Jan-15 11:34
professionalPSU Steve13-Jan-15 11:34 
GeneralToDo List - all what you need :) Pin
Thornik13-Jan-15 6:45
MemberThornik13-Jan-15 6:45 
GeneralOther Pin
Bruce Greene13-Jan-15 6:42
MemberBruce Greene13-Jan-15 6:42 
GeneralOther Pin
_WinBase_13-Jan-15 6:15
Member_WinBase_13-Jan-15 6:15 
GeneralRational Team Concert Pin
Member 466290313-Jan-15 2:37
professionalMember 466290313-Jan-15 2:37 
GeneralShare Point Pin
Member 1047694313-Jan-15 2:16
MemberMember 1047694313-Jan-15 2:16 
GeneralRe: Share Point Pin
kdmote13-Jan-15 5:37
Memberkdmote13-Jan-15 5:37 
GeneralMultiple :). Pin
Squeakers0913-Jan-15 2:10
professionalSqueakers0913-Jan-15 2:10 
GeneralOther Pin
zpinklb13-Jan-15 0:17
Memberzpinklb13-Jan-15 0:17 
GeneralYouTrack Pin
mr_squall12-Jan-15 21:21
Membermr_squall12-Jan-15 21:21 
GeneralRe: YouTrack Pin
Yclkvnc12-Jan-15 21:50
MemberYclkvnc12-Jan-15 21:50 
GeneralRe: YouTrack Pin
Carlos Luis Rojas Aragonés16-Jan-15 10:05
professionalCarlos Luis Rojas Aragonés16-Jan-15 10:05 
+1, great tool Pin
ripteq12-Jan-15 20:24
Memberripteq12-Jan-15 20:24 
GeneralRe: Pin
Amarnath S23-Jan-15 18:39
professionalAmarnath S23-Jan-15 18:39 
GeneralGITHUB Pin
vJay Yadav12-Jan-15 18:00
professionalvJay Yadav12-Jan-15 18:00 
GeneralExcel Pin
Mycroft Holmes12-Jan-15 17:48
professionalMycroft Holmes12-Jan-15 17:48 
GeneralRe: Excel Pin
Thornik13-Jan-15 6:46
MemberThornik13-Jan-15 6:46 

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