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Survey Results

For you, what's the most important next step in computing?

Survey period: 15 Dec 2014 to 22 Dec 2014

Forget thinner form factors, larger screens or a faster compiler. Think big.

A new way of interacting with computers (eg gesture, eys tracking, mind-meld)20616.65
Order-of-magnitude increase on processing power856.87
Connectivity with Everything19315.60
True Artificial Intelligence (i.e.. can pass an unrestricted Turing test)18114.63
Quantum Computing18214.71
Universal Broadband13310.75
Regulators who actually understand the technology20216.33
Other (Please comment)554.45

GeneralRe: More integration with every day life Pin
OriginalGriff15-Dec-14 5:54
mvaOriginalGriff15-Dec-14 5:54 
GeneralThe ability to inflict physical pain on someone via social media PinPopular
chriselst14-Dec-14 23:25
professionalchriselst14-Dec-14 23:25 
GeneralRe: The ability to inflict physical pain on someone via social media Pin
Dan Neely15-Dec-14 2:58
Dan Neely15-Dec-14 2:58 
GeneralRe: The ability to inflict physical pain on someone via social media Pin
Slacker00715-Dec-14 5:52
professionalSlacker00715-Dec-14 5:52 
GeneralNext step... Pin
MarqW14-Dec-14 22:28
MarqW14-Dec-14 22:28 
GeneralRe: Next step... Pin
OriginalGriff15-Dec-14 5:16
mvaOriginalGriff15-Dec-14 5:16 
GeneralRegulators are servants of the industry Pin
KarstenK14-Dec-14 22:14
mveKarstenK14-Dec-14 22:14 
GeneralThe most sci-fi one... PinPopular
Sander Rossel14-Dec-14 20:57
professionalSander Rossel14-Dec-14 20:57 
Regulators who understand the technology.
Perhaps the super annoying and completely useless "this website uses cookies [accept] [deny]" message on Dutch websites would disappear.
And I also wouldn't have to live in fear that a series of tubes, that are supposedly the internet, are getting clogged up[^]!
And Google would probably stay in Spain[^]. Funny stuff, the Spanish media pushed towards this new law, but now Google is going away they're shitting their pants. They're actually lobbying for a new law that makes Google continue its services AND make them pay... Right.

Yes, the world would be so much better if regulators understood the technology.
My blog[^]
public class SanderRossel : Lazy<Person>
   public void DoWork()
      throw new NotSupportedException();

GeneralRe: The most sci-fi one... Pin
Marc Clifton15-Dec-14 2:30
mvaMarc Clifton15-Dec-14 2:30 
GeneralRe: The most sci-fi one... Pin
Sander Rossel15-Dec-14 3:22
professionalSander Rossel15-Dec-14 3:22 
GeneralRe: The most sci-fi one... Pin
Maximilien15-Dec-14 4:37
Maximilien15-Dec-14 4:37 
GeneralRe: The most sci-fi one... Pin
Sander Rossel15-Dec-14 8:18
professionalSander Rossel15-Dec-14 8:18 

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