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Survey Results

Caffeine consumption: How much per day?

Survey period: 10 Nov 2014 to 17 Nov 2014

An 8oz brewed coffee or a 2oz espresso has around 100mg, Tea around 50mg, Coke 35mg. More here and here.

Under 100mg a day18116.20
101 - 200 mg per day20918.71
201 - 300 mg per day14613.07
301 - 400 mg per day13412.00
401 - 500 mg per day978.68
501 - 750 mg per day797.07
751 - 1,000 mg per day332.95
over 1,000 mg per day554.92

Generaloz Pin
chriselst9-Nov-14 23:22
professionalchriselst9-Nov-14 23:22 
GeneralRe: oz Pin
OriginalGriff10-Nov-14 0:31
mveOriginalGriff10-Nov-14 0:31 
GeneralRe: oz Pin
User 842010-Nov-14 2:30
MemberUser 842010-Nov-14 2:30 
GeneralRe: oz Pin
Mike Hankey10-Nov-14 2:37
professionalMike Hankey10-Nov-14 2:37 
GeneralRe: oz Pin
ed welch13-Nov-14 15:17
Membered welch13-Nov-14 15:17 
GeneralAround 200mg Pin
Oshtri Deka9-Nov-14 23:20
professionalOshtri Deka9-Nov-14 23:20 
GeneralNone... Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter9-Nov-14 21:18
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter9-Nov-14 21:18 
General6-8 espressos per day Pin
den2k889-Nov-14 21:16
professionalden2k889-Nov-14 21:16 
Yes, I'm Italian: a coffee right after the waking up, one coffee before starting to work, one coffee at the mid morning, one after lunch, one at the mid afternoon, one after dinner... And more as needed.

So 501 - 750 mg on average Big Grin | :-D

Java | [Coffee] Poke tongue | ;-P

modified 10-Nov-14 3:29am.

GeneralRe: 6-8 espressos per day Pin
Thanks787210-Nov-14 0:06
professionalThanks787210-Nov-14 0:06 
GeneralRe: 6-8 espressos per day Pin
den2k8810-Nov-14 0:36
professionalden2k8810-Nov-14 0:36 
GeneralRe: 6-8 espressos per day Pin
Sharath C V10-Nov-14 18:52
professionalSharath C V10-Nov-14 18:52 
GeneralRe: 6-8 espressos per day Pin
den2k8810-Nov-14 20:44
professionalden2k8810-Nov-14 20:44 
GeneralI run on Caffeine. Pin
OriginalGriff9-Nov-14 21:14
mveOriginalGriff9-Nov-14 21:14 
GeneralRe: I run on Caffeine. Pin
RUs12310-Nov-14 0:10
MemberRUs12310-Nov-14 0:10 
GeneralRe: I run on Caffeine. Pin
OriginalGriff10-Nov-14 0:29
mveOriginalGriff10-Nov-14 0:29 
GeneralRe: I run on Caffeine. Pin
RUs12310-Nov-14 0:41
MemberRUs12310-Nov-14 0:41 
GeneralRe: I run on Caffeine. Pin
Corporal Agarn10-Nov-14 1:59
professionalCorporal Agarn10-Nov-14 1:59 
GeneralTimeline Pin
henningbenk9-Nov-14 21:10
professionalhenningbenk9-Nov-14 21:10 

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