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As a software developer, does your family actually know what you do?

Survey period: 16 Jun 2014 to 23 Jun 2014

Are you "The Social Network" or "Minority Report"? Do they think you play games all day or do you just tell them you play piano in an establishment of disrepute?

Yes, they know clearly what I do1857.36
They have a general idea of what I do1,16246.22
I don't think they really know what I do67426.81
They have no idea what my work involves44717.78
I'm not a software developer.542.15

GeneralRe: Apparently I'm a Transponster Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki16-Jun-14 3:04
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki16-Jun-14 3:04 
GeneralAll have their ways... Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter16-Jun-14 1:38
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter16-Jun-14 1:38 
GeneralRe: All have their ways... Pin
Simon Lee Shugar16-Jun-14 4:26
Simon Lee Shugar16-Jun-14 4:26 
GeneralRe: All have their ways... Pin
OriginalGriff16-Jun-14 5:59
mveOriginalGriff16-Jun-14 5:59 
GeneralI do not have this problem Pin
Rage16-Jun-14 0:36
professionalRage16-Jun-14 0:36 
GeneralRe: I do not have this problem Pin
Mohibur Rashid19-Jun-14 17:44
professionalMohibur Rashid19-Jun-14 17:44 
GeneralRe: I do not have this problem Pin
Rage19-Jun-14 22:29
professionalRage19-Jun-14 22:29 
GeneralMy daughter wrote this story inspired by what she thinks I do for a living PinPopular
chriselst16-Jun-14 0:20
professionalchriselst16-Jun-14 0:20 
Cow Computer Man

“Moo!” said the cow, “I wonder what it would be like to be a computer man”.
Jonny the cow wished that he could be a computer man, he was a black and white cow with a terrific smile. He’s tried to become one, but he always failed the test! All the other cows were normal and thought he was stupid even though Jonny thought that he had a talent. Jonny would walk around trying to copy humans, but he always turned it into a disaster! Unfortunately for the other cows the farmer gave them a punishment too when Jonny messed up.
A new year arrived and with it a new test, Jonny was impatient! Jonny got a test and studied every hour of the day and never stopped, not even for a drink. “Great” mooed Jonny after a month’s hard work, the time had come to give the test in and Jonny was at the front of the queue. The owners carefully checked his test and guess what… HE PASSED! Jonny was delighted; he walked slowly through the doors and to his new desk.

Jonny soon made a great friend whose name was Bob. “I know you’re a cow Jonny, but you’re a great friend” whispered Bob as they were working together one day. Oh how the weeks were sunny with their friendship. I don’t think they ever worked alone with each other there. They worked on their coding, testing, debugging, and all sorts together.
Unfortunately for Jonny Bob tripped over a computer wire and broke his leg so Jonny couldn’t see him for a few weeks. When Bob was feeling a little better the owners let Jonny have some time off so he could go and see him to make him feel more comforted. “Finally you’ve come” said Bob as Jonny walked into his room, “I’ve missed you so much”.
Jonny thought of what Bob liked best, and then it hit him… Dancing! Jonny started a little dance. Back and forth. Side to side. Twirl around. Lah la lah la lah. He finished with a low bow and Bob burst into laughter. “Oh you do know how to make a man laugh Jonny” chuckled Bob. Jonny blushed as he got out the present he had bought for Bob.
“Oh Jon…” before he could say any more Jonny got out a brand new, ruby red laptop! Bob nearly fell out of his bed it was so nice. There was a pause as Bob tried to think of the words to say. “Thank you.” he finally got out, “Turn it on, and let’s see what it can do”.

Jonny was so happy that every day he could go round and see his friend, then one day Bob was better. They went back to work and everyone was joyful the whole day. It was a perfectly sunny Tuesday when three boys joined the computer club. They sat at desks chattering very suspiciously. After that week Jonny found anonymous letters in his desk draw. One of these said “YOU’RE A COW AND YOU ARE STUPID. WHY ARE YOU HERE MR MOO?”.
“That can’t be from B-Bob can it?” thought Jonny. “No, it can’t be” he decided. The mystery was you couldn’t tell from the handwriting because it was printed in capital letters. Jonny cried as he showed Bob, Bob promised to help him solve the mystery. Each day Jonny found horrible letters in his desk and he started to worry about his work. One morning Bob came rushing over to Jonny, he’d worked out who was sending the letters … The new boys!

The two friends marched up to the owners and explained everything that had happened. “So you see,” exclaimed Bob “we think that boys like that should not be in our computer club”. Jonny was almost in tears listening to Bob telling the story again. One of the owners sent for the new boys, even though Bob knew that they would try to act all innocent.
“But it wasn’t us” protested one of the boys”.
“Yes it was!” Jonny angrily snapped back”.
“All right, all right boys” cried one of the owners. “Let’s just settle this somewhere private, we’ve got a lot of people trying to work here” said the other.
Bob said “It was you three, and I can prove it. You see I put a program on the computers to track what they printed out, and as you can see these letters all came from the computers you boys were logged in on”.
“Alright, it was us” admitted one of the boys, “we don’t want to be in an office with a stupid, useless cow anyway.” He turned and marched away, the other two just stood there snarling.
One of the owners started to speak “I’m sorry to say but you boys are no longer welcome in this computer club”. The remaining two boys left to find their friend.

One owner followed the boys to make sure they left and the other whispered to Jonny and Bob “How about, since it’s the end of the month, I make you two our computer men of the month as you’ve been through a lot. Yes, I think I should.”.
That afternoon they made the announcement that Jonny and Bob were ‘Computer Men of the Month’, the two friends beamed with pride and invited everyone to a party at Bob’s house to celebrate.
Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them.

GeneralRe: My daughter wrote this story inspired by what she thinks I do for a living Pin
MacSpudster16-Jun-14 12:20
professionalMacSpudster16-Jun-14 12:20 
GeneralTypical Conversation Pin
Simon Lee Shugar16-Jun-14 0:09
Simon Lee Shugar16-Jun-14 0:09 
GeneralRe: Typical Conversation Pin
GustavoMartins16-Jun-14 2:17
professionalGustavoMartins16-Jun-14 2:17 
GeneralRe: Typical Conversation Pin
W Balboos, GHB16-Jun-14 6:01
W Balboos, GHB16-Jun-14 6:01 
GeneralRe: Typical Conversation Pin
PIEBALDconsult16-Jun-14 14:06
professionalPIEBALDconsult16-Jun-14 14:06 
GeneralJust yesterday Pin
chriselst16-Jun-14 0:04
professionalchriselst16-Jun-14 0:04 
GeneralRe: Just yesterday Pin
EbenY4216-Jun-14 2:56
EbenY4216-Jun-14 2:56 
GeneralFrom the perspective of my Mom Pin
Smart K815-Jun-14 23:08
professionalSmart K815-Jun-14 23:08 
GeneralI 'fix computers' apparently Pin
JMK-NI15-Jun-14 22:15
professionalJMK-NI15-Jun-14 22:15 
GeneralRe: I 'fix computers' apparently Pin
SortaCore16-Jun-14 23:24
SortaCore16-Jun-14 23:24 
GeneralRe: I 'fix computers' apparently Pin
Johnny J.16-Jun-14 23:36
professionalJohnny J.16-Jun-14 23:36 
GeneralI followed in their footsteps... Pin
Sander Rossel15-Jun-14 21:28
professionalSander Rossel15-Jun-14 21:28 
GeneralNowadays is not that hard to explain Pin
AlexCode15-Jun-14 21:04
professionalAlexCode15-Jun-14 21:04 
GeneralRe: Nowadays is not that hard to explain PinPopular
Tony Rietwyk15-Jun-14 21:40
Tony Rietwyk15-Jun-14 21:40 
GeneralRe: Nowadays is not that hard to explain Pin
Pete O'Hanlon16-Jun-14 5:09
mvaPete O'Hanlon16-Jun-14 5:09 
GeneralMy family have a reasonable idea Pin
OriginalGriff15-Jun-14 21:00
mveOriginalGriff15-Jun-14 21:00 
Generalthey think i don't have any knowledge about my work... Pin
ravikhoda15-Jun-14 20:37
professionalravikhoda15-Jun-14 20:37 

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