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Survey Results

Do you comment your code?

Survey period: 5 May 2014 to 12 May 2014

A repeat of our survey from 4 years ago. Let's see how things have changed.

I add comment headers for all public classes, objects and methods, events, fields etc56740.04
I add comment headers for all non-public classes, objects and methods, as well as non-obvious logic inside these37226.27
I provide comments at the top of files29921.12
I comment any code that may be obscure (the "what") to a reader88162.22
I comment any code where the purpose (the "why") may be obscure93966.31
I comment on expected inputs, outputs and other results27719.56
I comment on exceptions, side effects or error codes31222.03
I comment on structures (loop endings, function endings etc)16911.94
I comment as a last resort when I can't make my code any clearer36325.64
I do not comment code.896.29
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralRe: Captain obvious comments Pin
DJ van Wyk5-May-14 19:39
professionalDJ van Wyk5-May-14 19:39 
GeneralRe: Captain obvious comments Pin
Pualee5-May-14 5:05
MemberPualee5-May-14 5:05 
GeneralRe: Captain obvious comments Pin
thatraja5-May-14 5:58
professionalthatraja5-May-14 5:58 
GeneralRe: Captain obvious comments Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic5-May-14 8:35
MemberNemanja Trifunovic5-May-14 8:35 
GeneralRe: Captain obvious comments Pin
Dennis_E6-May-14 21:58
professionalDennis_E6-May-14 21:58 
GeneralRe: Captain obvious comments Pin
aboubkr907-May-14 17:41
professionalaboubkr907-May-14 17:41 
GeneralGive credit where due Pin
Member 90635564-May-14 23:52
MemberMember 90635564-May-14 23:52 
General"Sometimes".... Pin
imagiro4-May-14 22:29
Memberimagiro4-May-14 22:29 
I do all this (and I guess I'm not alone) sometimes. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But since I (and again I guess I'm not alone) ran into the trouble of not understanding my own code when reading it later, let alone the code of colleagues, I tend to lift "sometimes" to "(nearly) always" - for nearly all most of the above cases.
GeneralDepends on who will use my code Pin
zaxthealien4-May-14 21:02
Memberzaxthealien4-May-14 21:02 
GeneralLast resort... Pin
Sander Rossel4-May-14 21:02
professionalSander Rossel4-May-14 21:02 
GeneralClasses and methods when necessary, everything else shouldn't need any comments. Pin
AlexCode4-May-14 20:53
professionalAlexCode4-May-14 20:53 
Generaladd one more option Pin
Marla Sukesh4-May-14 20:42
professional Marla Sukesh4-May-14 20:42 
GeneralI try... Pin
Jim Meadors4-May-14 19:16
MemberJim Meadors4-May-14 19:16 
GeneralRe: I try... and regret not succeeding Pin
Erik Rude5-May-14 22:41
MemberErik Rude5-May-14 22:41 
General"Why" is really important than "What"...! Pin
koolprasadd4-May-14 19:04
professionalkoolprasadd4-May-14 19:04 
GeneralRe: "Why" is really important than "What"...! Pin
Thanks78724-May-14 19:22
professionalThanks78724-May-14 19:22 
GeneralRe: "Why" is really important than "What"...! Pin
Maarten Kools4-May-14 23:07
professionalMaarten Kools4-May-14 23:07 
GeneralRe: "Why" is really important than "What"...! Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic5-May-14 2:28
MemberNemanja Trifunovic5-May-14 2:28 

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