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Survey Results

What book taught you most about being a good programmer?

Survey period: 8 Jul 2013 to 15 Jul 2013

A totally open ended question this week. Please just enter the full title of the book, and post any explanatory comments in the survey's discussion forum.

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GeneralRe: Code Complete Pin
Tim Groven8-Jul-13 6:18
MemberTim Groven8-Jul-13 6:18 
GeneralRe: Code Complete Pin
1.21 Gigawatts9-Jul-13 21:00
Member1.21 Gigawatts9-Jul-13 21:00 
GeneralRe: Code Complete Pin
Vassilis Tsolekas2-Sep-14 10:09
MemberVassilis Tsolekas2-Sep-14 10:09 
GeneralThere was no particular book Pin
Gregory Gadow8-Jul-13 3:47
MemberGregory Gadow8-Jul-13 3:47 
GeneralCodeProject and Google Pin
Nelek8-Jul-13 3:29
protectorNelek8-Jul-13 3:29 
GeneralA long time ago, Pin
Jochen Arndt8-Jul-13 2:09
professionalJochen Arndt8-Jul-13 2:09 
Generalmaybe not book but author? Pin
Irina Pykhova8-Jul-13 1:34
professionalIrina Pykhova8-Jul-13 1:34 
GeneralCAPTCHA Pin
Rahul Rajat Singh8-Jul-13 1:07
professionalRahul Rajat Singh8-Jul-13 1:07 
It seems I am free to answer this question any number of times and I can write anything in the answer.

Which seems to be OK but it possibly open doors for robots to enter junk values too. Perhaps It is a good idea to add a CAPTCHA with this question. It is just a thought.
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream. Discover.

GeneralRe: CAPTCHA? No, plz Pin
embix8-Jul-13 1:50
Memberembix8-Jul-13 1:50 
GeneralRe: CAPTCHA? No, plz Pin
Rahul Rajat Singh8-Jul-13 1:53
professionalRahul Rajat Singh8-Jul-13 1:53 
GeneralRe: CAPTCHA? No, plz Pin
embix8-Jul-13 3:06
Memberembix8-Jul-13 3:06 
GeneralRe: CAPTCHA Pin
Andreas Gieriet8-Jul-13 4:02
professionalAndreas Gieriet8-Jul-13 4:02 
GeneralRe: CAPTCHA Pin
Dave Kreskowiak9-Jul-13 4:02
mveDave Kreskowiak9-Jul-13 4:02 
GeneralCLR via C# by Jeffrey Ritcher Pin
Mohammed Hameed7-Jul-13 23:53
professionalMohammed Hameed7-Jul-13 23:53 
GeneralRe: CLR via C# by Jeffrey Ritcher Pin
Dave Kreskowiak9-Jul-13 4:03
mveDave Kreskowiak9-Jul-13 4:03 
GeneralRe: CLR via C# by Jeffrey Ritcher Pin
Mohammed Hameed9-Jul-13 8:02
professionalMohammed Hameed9-Jul-13 8:02 
GeneralSinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC Programming Pin
Keith Barrow7-Jul-13 23:25
professionalKeith Barrow7-Jul-13 23:25 
GeneralRe: Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC Programming Pin
chriselst8-Jul-13 0:29
Memberchriselst8-Jul-13 0:29 
GeneralRe: Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC Programming Pin
John M. Drescher8-Jul-13 1:33
MemberJohn M. Drescher8-Jul-13 1:33 
GeneralRe: Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC Programming Pin
Nagy Vilmos8-Jul-13 5:53
professionalNagy Vilmos8-Jul-13 5:53 
GeneralRe: Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC Programming Pin
AlexCode8-Jul-13 12:37
professionalAlexCode8-Jul-13 12:37 
GeneralGoogle Rocks!!! Pin
Siddhesh Patankar7-Jul-13 23:03
MemberSiddhesh Patankar7-Jul-13 23:03 
GeneralRe: Google Rocks!!! Pin
Priyanka777712-Jul-13 0:12
MemberPriyanka777712-Jul-13 0:12 
GeneralInternet Pin
thatraja7-Jul-13 22:49
professionalthatraja7-Jul-13 22:49 
GeneralThe AWK Programming Language Pin
jonburne7-Jul-13 21:20
Memberjonburne7-Jul-13 21:20 

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