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Survey Results

What optimisations do you consider when you code?

Survey period: 1 Jul 2013 to 8 Jul 2013

In general, when writing code, which of the following optimisations do you always think about when writing code? (even if you reject them as unnecessary for a certain situation)

Memory use52764.11
Speed of execution69684.67
Final binary size8610.46
Resource use (eg graphics objects, handles etc)28734.91
Network traffic31738.56
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

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GeneralSpeed of execution Pin
SOHAM_GANDHI4-Feb-14 22:39
MemberSOHAM_GANDHI4-Feb-14 22:39 
GeneralSpeed of exexution Pin
Siddhesh Patankar8-Jul-13 18:17
MemberSiddhesh Patankar8-Jul-13 18:17 
GeneralRe: Speed of exexution Pin
Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi26-Jul-13 6:39
professionalAmir Mohammad Nasrollahi26-Jul-13 6:39 
GeneralAge vs Answers Pin
Keia4-Jul-13 22:28
professionalKeia4-Jul-13 22:28 
GeneralRe: Age vs Answers Pin
CHill605-Jul-13 8:02
mveCHill605-Jul-13 8:02 
GeneralRe: Age vs Answers Pin
Keia7-Jul-13 20:20
professionalKeia7-Jul-13 20:20 
Generalreadability and documentation Pin
Giuseppe Tollini4-Jul-13 9:10
MemberGiuseppe Tollini4-Jul-13 9:10 
performance optimization come when needed
GeneralMemory Use... Pin
Marco Bertschi4-Jul-13 5:49
professionalMarco Bertschi4-Jul-13 5:49 
GeneralWill I understand this in 6 months time, or is the guy trying to maintain this bigger than me? Pin
CHill602-Jul-13 14:06
mveCHill602-Jul-13 14:06 
GeneralRe: Will I understand this in 6 months time, or is the guy trying to maintain this bigger than me? Pin
Dennis E White2-Jul-13 20:40
professionalDennis E White2-Jul-13 20:40 
GeneralComplaints from End-Users Pin
MacSpudster2-Jul-13 5:58
professionalMacSpudster2-Jul-13 5:58 
GeneralI focus on ASP page bloat Pin
Gregory Gadow2-Jul-13 3:22
MemberGregory Gadow2-Jul-13 3:22 
GeneralFewer lines of code Pin
Johann van der Smut1-Jul-13 21:51
MemberJohann van der Smut1-Jul-13 21:51 
GeneralRe: Fewer lines of code Pin
Abhishek Nandy1-Jul-13 22:36
professionalAbhishek Nandy1-Jul-13 22:36 
GeneralRe: Fewer lines of code Pin
PIEBALDconsult2-Jul-13 8:13
professionalPIEBALDconsult2-Jul-13 8:13 
GeneralRe: Fewer lines of code Pin
Espen Harlinn2-Jul-13 13:19
mvaEspen Harlinn2-Jul-13 13:19 
GeneralRe: Fewer lines of code Pin
CDP18022-Jul-13 19:06
MemberCDP18022-Jul-13 19:06 
GeneralAgreed, but the first word in my post was *generally* Pin
Johann van der Smut4-Jul-13 18:37
MemberJohann van der Smut4-Jul-13 18:37 
GeneralRe: Fewer lines of code Pin
Florian Rappl7-Jul-13 6:03
professionalFlorian Rappl7-Jul-13 6:03 
GeneralRaises Arm (to block the impending whipping...) " Power optimization..?" Pin
ely_bob1-Jul-13 10:21
professionalely_bob1-Jul-13 10:21 
GeneralTime, memory, flexibility and maintenance Pin
Nelek1-Jul-13 8:21
protectorNelek1-Jul-13 8:21 
GeneralDisk I/O Pin
Wendelius1-Jul-13 5:23
mveWendelius1-Jul-13 5:23 
GeneralBad IPC utilization Pin
Cory Shirts1-Jul-13 4:56
MemberCory Shirts1-Jul-13 4:56 
GeneralWill it blend Pin
Ron Anders1-Jul-13 3:19
MemberRon Anders1-Jul-13 3:19 
GeneralFlexible architecture and the least amount of code Pin
Marc Clifton1-Jul-13 3:01
mvaMarc Clifton1-Jul-13 3:01 

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