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Survey Results

Have you learned a new programming language in the last 12 months?

Survey period: 8 Apr 2013 to 15 Apr 2013

You don't need to have mastered it, just be able to say you're competent in it.

I wanted to but...24315.81

GeneralI'm a C/C++ mastr but now I'm nearly Ruby master too. and YES that's changes a lot Pin
Siavash _b14-Apr-13 0:31
MemberSiavash _b14-Apr-13 0:31 
GeneralTypeScript? Pin
Jeffrey T. Fritz13-Apr-13 6:48
sponsorJeffrey T. Fritz13-Apr-13 6:48 
It may be a superset of JavaScript, but I have been learning TypeScript over the last few months. Interesting stuff, makes JavaScript programming much easier.
GeneralHaskell Pin
Rob Grainger12-Apr-13 4:22
MemberRob Grainger12-Apr-13 4:22 
GeneralRe: Haskell Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic12-Apr-13 16:30
MemberNemanja Trifunovic12-Apr-13 16:30 
GeneralPython for me Pin
Amarnath S12-Apr-13 0:48
professionalAmarnath S12-Apr-13 0:48 
GeneralRe: Python for me Pin
Phat (Phillip) H. VU12-Apr-13 16:31
MemberPhat (Phillip) H. VU12-Apr-13 16:31 
GeneralRe: Python for me Pin
Ashley van Gerven14-Apr-13 21:53
MemberAshley van Gerven14-Apr-13 21:53 
GeneralRe: Python for me Pin
gcode126-Apr-13 23:43
Membergcode126-Apr-13 23:43 
GeneralI learn Nemerle language Pin
Thornik10-Apr-13 13:00
MemberThornik10-Apr-13 13:00 
GeneralFor many years I wanted to want to, but now I'm not sure I want it anymore Pin
Joezer BH9-Apr-13 21:12
professionalJoezer BH9-Apr-13 21:12 
GeneralRe: For many years I wanted to want to, but now I'm not sure I want it anymore Pin
Thomas Daniels9-Apr-13 22:10
mvaThomas Daniels9-Apr-13 22:10 
GeneralRe: For many years I wanted to want to, but now I'm not sure I want it anymore Pin
Joezer BH9-Apr-13 22:34
professionalJoezer BH9-Apr-13 22:34 
GeneralNo, but I rediscovered ones that I'd already known, does that count? Pin
Joezer BH9-Apr-13 21:09
professionalJoezer BH9-Apr-13 21:09 
GeneralJava and C# Pin
Peter Bamuhigire9-Apr-13 7:37
MemberPeter Bamuhigire9-Apr-13 7:37 
GeneralJavascript , YQL(yahoo query language) and API's(Facebook,twitter,google) Pin
Monster Maker9-Apr-13 2:50
MemberMonster Maker9-Apr-13 2:50 
GeneralC++ Pin
Marco Bertschi8-Apr-13 23:46
professionalMarco Bertschi8-Apr-13 23:46 
Generalnearly... Pin
vanita khatnani8-Apr-13 23:43
professionalvanita khatnani8-Apr-13 23:43 
GeneralRe: nearly... Pin
_Amy9-Apr-13 1:52
professional_Amy9-Apr-13 1:52 
GeneralRe: nearly... Pin
vanita khatnani9-Apr-13 20:04
professionalvanita khatnani9-Apr-13 20:04 
GeneralRe: nearly... Pin
_Amy9-Apr-13 21:39
professional_Amy9-Apr-13 21:39 
GeneralRe: nearly... Pin
vanita khatnani10-Apr-13 0:09
professionalvanita khatnani10-Apr-13 0:09 
GeneralRe: nearly... Pin
Rob Grainger12-Apr-13 4:16
MemberRob Grainger12-Apr-13 4:16 
GeneralI too wanted to, but... Pin
SoMad8-Apr-13 20:22
professionalSoMad8-Apr-13 20:22 
GeneralRe: I too wanted to, but... Pin
Marco Bertschi8-Apr-13 23:42
professionalMarco Bertschi8-Apr-13 23:42 
GeneralRe: I too wanted to, but... Pin
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar9-Apr-13 10:48
MemberVasudevan Deepak Kumar9-Apr-13 10:48 

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