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Have you ever written code for a non-PC gadget or toy?

Survey period: 3 Mar 2013 to 11 Mar 2013

Maybe you've written a GPS plugin, or hacked your camera with the CHDK, or written your first app for your Pebble. Share your story!

I want to29026.95

GeneralTI-83 Calculator Pin
Brent Spotswood4-Mar-13 11:12
MemberBrent Spotswood4-Mar-13 11:12 
GeneralRe: TI-83 Calculator Pin
henningbenk5-Mar-13 3:58
professionalhenningbenk5-Mar-13 3:58 
GeneralDa Wife Pin
DigitalRacer4-Mar-13 11:00
MemberDigitalRacer4-Mar-13 11:00 
GeneralRe: Da Wife Pin
Tbone19834-Mar-13 21:17
MemberTbone19834-Mar-13 21:17 
GeneralRe: Da Wife Pin
PIEBALDconsult5-Mar-13 14:41
professionalPIEBALDconsult5-Mar-13 14:41 
GeneralPre PC Era Computers (6510, 8085, do they count?) and SunSPOTs Pin
embix4-Mar-13 6:48
Memberembix4-Mar-13 6:48 
GeneralFPGA chip Pin
Pawel Gielmuda4-Mar-13 3:45
MemberPawel Gielmuda4-Mar-13 3:45 
GeneralYes, some of them Pin
Jiří Miklík4-Mar-13 2:54
MemberJiří Miklík4-Mar-13 2:54 
russian air defense module VOZDUCH M2
Spectrum - Z80
Atari 800 - 6502C
car navigation for PNDs with WinCE
phones with WM6
and others
GeneralWashing machine controller Pin
John Stewien4-Mar-13 2:51
MemberJohn Stewien4-Mar-13 2:51 
GeneralArduino! Pin
DaveX864-Mar-13 2:42
MemberDaveX864-Mar-13 2:42 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
Addy Tas4-Mar-13 10:41
MemberAddy Tas4-Mar-13 10:41 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
DaveX864-Mar-13 11:01
MemberDaveX864-Mar-13 11:01 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
lewax004-Mar-13 12:39
Memberlewax004-Mar-13 12:39 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
DaveX864-Mar-13 13:06
MemberDaveX864-Mar-13 13:06 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
lewax004-Mar-13 13:16
Memberlewax004-Mar-13 13:16 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
DaveX864-Mar-13 13:30
MemberDaveX864-Mar-13 13:30 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
Brisingr Aerowing6-Mar-13 14:43
professionalBrisingr Aerowing6-Mar-13 14:43 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
DaveX866-Mar-13 15:37
MemberDaveX866-Mar-13 15:37 
GeneralLego NXT Pin
Kevin Drzycimski4-Mar-13 1:52
MemberKevin Drzycimski4-Mar-13 1:52 
GeneralNo! Pin
_Amy4-Mar-13 0:30
professional_Amy4-Mar-13 0:30 
Generalcoded for 8051 microcontroller Pin
Anurag Sinha V3-Mar-13 23:17
MemberAnurag Sinha V3-Mar-13 23:17 
GeneralI would like Pin
n.podbielski3-Mar-13 20:57
Membern.podbielski3-Mar-13 20:57 
GeneralRe: I would like Pin
Addy Tas4-Mar-13 10:43
MemberAddy Tas4-Mar-13 10:43 
GeneralRe: I would like Pin
n.podbielski4-Mar-13 10:52
Membern.podbielski4-Mar-13 10:52 
GeneralRe: I would like Pin
Addy Tas4-Mar-13 11:12
MemberAddy Tas4-Mar-13 11:12 

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