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Survey Results

Have you downloaded the Windows 8 preview?   [Edit]

Survey period: 12 Mar 2012 to 19 Mar 2012

The Windows 8 consumer preview is out. Taken if for a test drive yet?

Not yet, but I will29828.30
No, nor will I39437.42

Q2. Have you installed it?

No, but I have downloaded it837.87
No, because I haven't yet downloaded it32630.90
No, and nor will I34532.70

GeneralDecouple the Desktop and Tablet Pin
Grant Frisken18-Mar-12 19:40
MemberGrant Frisken18-Mar-12 19:40 
GeneralSigh Pin
Keith Barrow18-Mar-12 0:12
professionalKeith Barrow18-Mar-12 0:12 
GeneralNot Impressed... Pin
Paul Conrad16-Mar-12 14:37
professionalPaul Conrad16-Mar-12 14:37 
Generalnot yet Pin
Nelek16-Mar-12 10:37
protectorNelek16-Mar-12 10:37 
Generalwindows 8 Pin
Mirko Rostami16-Mar-12 6:16
MemberMirko Rostami16-Mar-12 6:16 
GeneralTried to install it, but it failed Pin
Patje15-Mar-12 3:45
MemberPatje15-Mar-12 3:45 
GeneralRe: Tried to install it, but it failed Pin
Mirko Rostami16-Mar-12 6:17
MemberMirko Rostami16-Mar-12 6:17 
GeneralRe: Tried to install it, but it failed Pin
Dylan Morley16-Mar-12 7:39
MemberDylan Morley16-Mar-12 7:39 
GeneralRe: Tried to install it, but it failed Pin
Rodrigo Venegas19-Mar-12 5:56
MemberRodrigo Venegas19-Mar-12 5:56 
GeneralIt's fun... Pin
Nagy Vilmos15-Mar-12 2:06
professionalNagy Vilmos15-Mar-12 2:06 
GeneralMultiple monitor support? Pin
Ravi Sant13-Mar-12 21:41
MemberRavi Sant13-Mar-12 21:41 
GeneralMisspell "because" However, I haven't downloaded yet but soon will be running it in virtual machine. Pin
Andre' Gardiner13-Mar-12 13:14
professionalAndre' Gardiner13-Mar-12 13:14 
GeneralHmmm: not liking Metro Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov13-Mar-12 6:10
MemberR. Giskard Reventlov13-Mar-12 6:10 
GeneralRe: Hmmm: not liking Metro Pin
Ravi Sant13-Mar-12 21:38
MemberRavi Sant13-Mar-12 21:38 
GeneralDonwloaded but it has been impossible to install Pin
Joan M12-Mar-12 22:49
professionalJoan M12-Mar-12 22:49 
GeneralRe: Donwloaded but it has been impossible to install Pin
sjelen13-Mar-12 1:33
professionalsjelen13-Mar-12 1:33 
GeneralRe: Donwloaded but it has been impossible to install Pin
tosch13-Mar-12 1:34
Membertosch13-Mar-12 1:34 
GeneralGive me a machine Pin
Tom Clement12-Mar-12 14:25
professionalTom Clement12-Mar-12 14:25 
GeneralRe: Give me a machine Pin
Michael Bergman13-Mar-12 5:23
MemberMichael Bergman13-Mar-12 5:23 
GeneralRe: Give me a machine Pin
Tom Clement13-Mar-12 5:43
professionalTom Clement13-Mar-12 5:43 
GeneralRe: Give me a machine Pin
Lutosław18-Mar-12 14:35
MemberLutosław18-Mar-12 14:35 
GeneralRe: Give me a machine Pin
Tom Clement20-Mar-12 19:31
professionalTom Clement20-Mar-12 19:31 
GeneralFunny you should ask Pin
Jeremy Hutchinson12-Mar-12 8:54
professionalJeremy Hutchinson12-Mar-12 8:54 
GeneralDon't touch my screen! Pin
snorkie12-Mar-12 11:26
professionalsnorkie12-Mar-12 11:26 
I can't stand when people touch my screen and leave fingerprints! If my keyboard is any indication, I have wear marks where my fingers rest. I don't want my screen wearing out by my disgusting hands touching them. Maybe I'll have to put on gloves before I use the touch screen. Then I'll just be a mechanic!

GeneralTried it and didn't care for it Pin
Mike Hankey12-Mar-12 7:54
professionalMike Hankey12-Mar-12 7:54 

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