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Survey Results

How loud is your work environment?   [Edit]

Survey period: 1 Aug 2011 to 8 Aug 2011

Do you have the sanctity of a spiritual retreat, or are noise cancelling headphones de rigueur? (Suggested by Amir Liberman)

Extremely quiet706.72
Generally quiet24923.90
Mostly quiet, with a little noise now and again42640.88
Bustling,though usually below a dull roar16615.93
So noisy I'm losing my hearing.141.34

GeneralRe: Mostly Harmless... Pin
chriselst1-Aug-11 0:01
chriselst1-Aug-11 0:01 
Generalquite => quiet [modified] Pin
Manfred Rudolf Bihy31-Jul-11 20:07
professionalManfred Rudolf Bihy31-Jul-11 20:07 
GeneralRe: quite => quiet Pin
Julien Villers31-Jul-11 23:10
professionalJulien Villers31-Jul-11 23:10 
GeneralRe: quite => quiet Pin
Gregory Henry31-Jul-11 23:24
Gregory Henry31-Jul-11 23:24 
GeneralRe: quite => quiet Pin
Manfred Rudolf Bihy1-Aug-11 0:19
professionalManfred Rudolf Bihy1-Aug-11 0:19 
GeneralRe: quite => quiet Pin
Chris Losinger1-Aug-11 8:11
professionalChris Losinger1-Aug-11 8:11 
General*Click* *Click* *Tring...* Pin
Jyothikarthik_N31-Jul-11 20:02
Jyothikarthik_N31-Jul-11 20:02 
Generalearphones Pin
Mico Perez31-Jul-11 19:42
Mico Perez31-Jul-11 19:42 
I used earphones because my work environment is a little bit noisy, there are arguments here and there.Cool | :cool:
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