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Are you on call for problems during holidays?   [Edit]

Survey period: 4 Jul 2011 to 11 Jul 2011

If the code, the system or the hardware has a problem during a weekend or public holiday, are you expected to be available to fix it?

Yes, that's part of my job description13814.70
Yes, because there's no one else who can11812.57
Yes, but it's not actually part of my duties646.82
Sometimes, such as after launches or to cover someone else etc10711.40
Rarely, only in an absolute emergency33335.46
Never. My time is mine.17919.06

GeneralI am sure Pin
Anuj Tripathi4-Jul-11 21:59
MemberAnuj Tripathi4-Jul-11 21:59 
GeneralRe: I am sure Pin
hakz.code4-Jul-11 23:33
Memberhakz.code4-Jul-11 23:33 
GeneralRe: I am sure Pin
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»5-Jul-11 1:58
professionalKunal Chowdhury «IN»5-Jul-11 1:58 
GeneralRe: I am sure Pin
Anuj Tripathi5-Jul-11 7:42
MemberAnuj Tripathi5-Jul-11 7:42 
GeneralCompany closes on holidays Pin
R. Erasmus4-Jul-11 21:05
MemberR. Erasmus4-Jul-11 21:05 
GeneralMissing an Entry Pin
Jim Hawley4-Jul-11 9:54
MemberJim Hawley4-Jul-11 9:54 
GeneralSometimes Pin
thatraja4-Jul-11 6:31
professionalthatraja4-Jul-11 6:31 
GeneralRe: Sometimes Pin
ShilpiP4-Jul-11 20:02
MemberShilpiP4-Jul-11 20:02 
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GeneralCos I'm a nice guy Pin
chriselst4-Jul-11 3:43
Memberchriselst4-Jul-11 3:43 
GeneralWas, ain't now. Pin
OriginalGriff4-Jul-11 3:37
mveOriginalGriff4-Jul-11 3:37 
GeneralDon't Know Pin
musefan4-Jul-11 2:45
Membermusefan4-Jul-11 2:45 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
Rhuros4-Jul-11 2:54
professionalRhuros4-Jul-11 2:54 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
musefan6-Jul-11 1:16
Membermusefan6-Jul-11 1:16 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
Ravi Sant4-Jul-11 6:59
MemberRavi Sant4-Jul-11 6:59 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
hakz.code4-Jul-11 23:40
Memberhakz.code4-Jul-11 23:40 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
Niklas L4-Jul-11 8:19
MemberNiklas L4-Jul-11 8:19 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
RedSonja5-Jul-11 20:02
MemberRedSonja5-Jul-11 20:02 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
musefan6-Jul-11 1:17
Membermusefan6-Jul-11 1:17 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
Keith Barrow6-Jul-11 0:05
professionalKeith Barrow6-Jul-11 0:05 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
musefan6-Jul-11 1:25
Membermusefan6-Jul-11 1:25 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
Dan Mos6-Jul-11 10:13
MemberDan Mos6-Jul-11 10:13 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
S Houghtelin6-Jul-11 10:31
professionalS Houghtelin6-Jul-11 10:31 
GeneralRe: Don't Know Pin
Gregory Henry7-Jul-11 5:03
MemberGregory Henry7-Jul-11 5:03 

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