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Survey Results

What do you (mostly) use to read email?   [Edit]

Survey period: 31 Jan 2011 to 7 Feb 2011

We did this survey years ago but the time has come to ask not just what client you use, but also what device.

Android phone736.74
Windows Phone 7 / Windows Mobile device292.68
Tablet device (non-iPad)20.18
Web Browser for web-based email32530.01
Windows based mail client50446.54
MacOS mail client60.55
Unix / Linux (et al.) mail client201.85

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GeneralRe: Too Restrictive Pin
WSchalk31-Jan-11 4:59
MemberWSchalk31-Jan-11 4:59 
GeneralRe: Too Restrictive Pin
PIEBALDconsult31-Jan-11 5:05
professionalPIEBALDconsult31-Jan-11 5:05 
GeneralRe: Too Restrictive Pin
Jay Riggs31-Jan-11 6:29
MemberJay Riggs31-Jan-11 6:29 
GeneralRe: Too Restrictive Pin
Chris Maunder31-Jan-11 5:50
cofounderChris Maunder31-Jan-11 5:50 
GeneralRe: Too Restrictive Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki31-Jan-11 5:53
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki31-Jan-11 5:53 
GeneralRe: Too Restrictive Pin
Chris Maunder31-Jan-11 15:22
cofounderChris Maunder31-Jan-11 15:22 
GeneralOutlook Pin
OriginalGriff31-Jan-11 0:00
mveOriginalGriff31-Jan-11 0:00 
GeneralRe: Outlook -- thumbs up Pin
KenJohnson31-Jan-11 1:23
MemberKenJohnson31-Jan-11 1:23 
Outlook all the way down.
Ken Johnson

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GeneralRe: Outlook Pin
Rich Armstrong31-Jan-11 4:41
MemberRich Armstrong31-Jan-11 4:41 

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