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Should developers ensure their applications allow exchange of data with other applications of the same type?   [Edit]

Survey period: 29 Nov 2010 to 6 Dec 2010

Should we be required to provide the means to import and export data from our applications to ensure uses aren't locked into a single application?

Yes, we should provide as rich an import and export experience as possible12922.05
Yes, if there are open standards for the data we should provide import and export of that standard format29650.60
Yes, but we should only be required to export data that has been input or imported, and not export any extra data our application has added417.01

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GeneralRe: Its my data and you can't have it! PinPopular
Nemanja Trifunovic29-Nov-10 3:50
Nemanja Trifunovic29-Nov-10 3:50 
GeneralRe: Its my data and you can't have it! Pin
Mycroft Holmes3-Dec-10 12:35
professionalMycroft Holmes3-Dec-10 12:35 
JokeRe: Its my data and you can't have it! Pin
Paul Conrad3-Dec-10 6:29
professionalPaul Conrad3-Dec-10 6:29 

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