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Will you be using an iPad in the future, and if so, where?   [Edit]

Survey period: 7 Jun 2010 to 14 Jun 2010

They're out in the wild, but will you, yourself, actually be in a position to use one for work or pleasure?

Q1. Will you be using an iPad in the future?

I already use one333.52
I will be using one soon343.62
I might be using one sometime16317.38
I do not think I'll be using one25026.65
I won't be using one45148.08
I was using one, but no longer.70.75

Q2. Where would you use an iPad?

At work / for work11612.35
At home23324.81
At school262.77
While travelling for work/school/life16117.15
Out and about - anywhere11111.82
I won't be using one60264.11
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

Generalprobably not... Pin
drummerboy05118-Jul-10 13:09
professionaldrummerboy05118-Jul-10 13:09 
GeneralIt's a consumption device Pin
Vark11111-Jun-10 10:56
MemberVark11111-Jun-10 10:56 
GeneralIt's hard enough ... Pin
Peter Hayward10-Jun-10 17:26
MemberPeter Hayward10-Jun-10 17:26 
GeneralI don't think so Pin
Mike Hankey10-Jun-10 15:20
professionalMike Hankey10-Jun-10 15:20 
GeneralWorks great and fits extremely well in my workflow Pin
Rama Krishna Vavilala10-Jun-10 5:13
MemberRama Krishna Vavilala10-Jun-10 5:13 
Unlike a lot of people, I love technology and gadgets no matter whom it is from: Apple, RedHat, Microsoft or Google.

iPad is a great device and has been extremely useful for me. Here is how I use it on a daily basis:

1. When I wake up I use it to check emails and the latest news.

2. When I am driving my daughter to school, she uses it to watch kids movies or educational stuff on the way.

3. At lunch I use it to read books even when I am eating out waiting at a restaurant to eat food (when I go alone for a quick lunch).

4. When my daughter goes to some dance or swimming class and I have to wait (4 times a week), I use my iPad to read or watch and listen to podcasts.

5. I use it a lot to watch video podcasts and listen to audio podcasts whenever I have spare time. Educational Material available on iTunesU is simply amazing. That alone makes it worthwhile.

6. At night I read books to my daughter with iPad. An e-book is far more convenient and easy to manage. Also, kids just love the interactive books.

The number one great thing about iPad is convenience: it is light weight, it's easy to carry anywhere, it has no lid that needs to be opened, and it's always on (no boot required).

Of course, the same will apply to similar class of devices (I am excluding netbooks as they are not similar they are not as convenient as an iPad).
GeneralRe: Works great and fits extremely well in my workflow Pin
Lutosław12-Jun-10 10:50
MemberLutosław12-Jun-10 10:50 
GeneralWindows Phone 7 Pin
Nitesh Maharaj10-Jun-10 4:15
MemberNitesh Maharaj10-Jun-10 4:15 
GeneralOnly when Apple will remove restrictions!! Pin
GPUToaster™9-Jun-10 1:56
MemberGPUToaster™9-Jun-10 1:56 
JokeiPhone for the visually impared. Pin
janfe8-Jun-10 0:47
Memberjanfe8-Jun-10 0:47 
GeneraliPad pap Pin
db7uk7-Jun-10 22:20
Memberdb7uk7-Jun-10 22:20 
GeneralTablet PC Pin
NormDroid7-Jun-10 21:07
professionalNormDroid7-Jun-10 21:07 
GeneralWhere's the "only if I'm given one" option? Pin
Marc Clifton7-Jun-10 8:23
mvaMarc Clifton7-Jun-10 8:23 
GeneralRe: Where's the "only if I'm given one" option? Pin
Delaram Sh8-Jun-10 5:01
MemberDelaram Sh8-Jun-10 5:01 
GeneralPhysical size is the only small issue with the device right now. Pin
Maximilien7-Jun-10 7:20
MemberMaximilien7-Jun-10 7:20 
Generalthe apple fans buy that products Pin
luisnike197-Jun-10 4:04
Memberluisnike197-Jun-10 4:04 
GeneralAs someone annoyed by the Apple Logo on Machines in Movies and TV Pin
Andrew Torrance7-Jun-10 2:07
MemberAndrew Torrance7-Jun-10 2:07 
GeneralRe: As someone annoyed by the Apple Logo on Machines in Movies and TV Pin
RedSonja7-Jun-10 21:55
MemberRedSonja7-Jun-10 21:55 
GeneralSo Far - So Good Pin
W Balboos, GHB7-Jun-10 1:28
mveW Balboos, GHB7-Jun-10 1:28 
GeneralRe: So Far - So Good Pin
xawari8-Jun-10 8:06
Memberxawari8-Jun-10 8:06 
GeneralRe: So Far - So Good Pin
radioman.lt8-Jun-10 8:18
Memberradioman.lt8-Jun-10 8:18 
GeneralA rose by any other name Pin
Henry Minute6-Jun-10 23:57
MemberHenry Minute6-Jun-10 23:57 
GeneralRe: A rose by any other name Pin
thrakazog7-Jun-10 11:02
Memberthrakazog7-Jun-10 11:02 
GeneralRe: A rose by any other name Pin
Henry Minute7-Jun-10 11:10
MemberHenry Minute7-Jun-10 11:10 
GeneralRe: A rose by any other name Pin
thrakazog7-Jun-10 11:21
Memberthrakazog7-Jun-10 11:21 
GeneralRe: A rose by any other name Pin
Henry Minute7-Jun-10 12:39
MemberHenry Minute7-Jun-10 12:39 

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