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What kinds of video content is OK on websites?   [Edit]

Survey period: 1 Mar 2010 to 8 Mar 2010

Video content is becoming more and more widespread but is it actually welcome?

Main content (eg. articles as webcasts)10220.56
Additional material for content (eg demonstration video)26152.62
General News reports132.62
Ads for summaries for other content on a site10.20
Ads for products from the site (merchandise etc)71.41
Ads from sponsors00.00
Video blogs122.42
None. No videos, anywhere.10020.16

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GeneralOnly when they add value. Pin
Simon P Stevens5-Mar-10 9:15
MemberSimon P Stevens5-Mar-10 9:15 
GeneralRe: Only when they add value. Pin
Abhinav S6-Mar-10 22:18
MemberAbhinav S6-Mar-10 22:18 
GeneralThe internet is for pr0n... Pin
Siedlerchr4-Mar-10 4:20
MemberSiedlerchr4-Mar-10 4:20 
GeneralRe: The internet is for pr0n... Pin
NormDroid5-Mar-10 2:24
professionalNormDroid5-Mar-10 2:24 
GeneralRe: The internet is for pr0n... Pin
Joshua Quick5-Mar-10 6:45
MemberJoshua Quick5-Mar-10 6:45 
GeneralRe: The internet is for pr0n... Pin
Siedlerchr5-Mar-10 9:01
MemberSiedlerchr5-Mar-10 9:01 
GeneralCheckBoxes vs. RadioButtons Pin
Don Driskell2-Mar-10 6:57
MemberDon Driskell2-Mar-10 6:57 
GeneralRe: CheckBoxes vs. RadioButtons Pin
Lutosław2-Mar-10 13:01
MemberLutosław2-Mar-10 13:01 
GeneralRe: CheckBoxes vs. RadioButtons Pin
R2B23-Mar-10 5:45
MemberR2B23-Mar-10 5:45 
I agree. I was thinking the same thing
GeneralRe: CheckBoxes vs. RadioButtons Pin
DABBee4-Mar-10 13:50
MemberDABBee4-Mar-10 13:50 
GeneralVideos in Separate Page Pin
thatraja1-Mar-10 23:11
professionalthatraja1-Mar-10 23:11 
GeneralCListCtrl Pin
Alexander Vasilyev1-Mar-10 20:47
MemberAlexander Vasilyev1-Mar-10 20:47 
GeneralInternet access speeds Pin
Nathan Holt1-Mar-10 12:26
MemberNathan Holt1-Mar-10 12:26 
AnswerYeah, videos are great... Pin
Mladen Janković1-Mar-10 9:48
MemberMladen Janković1-Mar-10 9:48 
JokeRe: Yeah, videos are great... Pin
hfrmobile1-Mar-10 23:33
Memberhfrmobile1-Mar-10 23:33 
GeneralSay NO to autostart Pin
snorkie1-Mar-10 8:27
professionalsnorkie1-Mar-10 8:27 
GeneralRe: Say NO to autostart Pin
Nagy Vilmos2-Mar-10 23:37
professionalNagy Vilmos2-Mar-10 23:37 
GeneralRe: Say NO to autostart Pin
Hamed Musavi4-Mar-10 6:45
MemberHamed Musavi4-Mar-10 6:45 
GeneralVideos as articles? Pin
peterchen1-Mar-10 7:25
Memberpeterchen1-Mar-10 7:25 
GeneralDepends on a website Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic1-Mar-10 4:38
MemberNemanja Trifunovic1-Mar-10 4:38 
GeneralRe: Depends on a website Pin
Abhinav S1-Mar-10 4:41
MemberAbhinav S1-Mar-10 4:41 
GeneralRe: Depends on a website Pin
PIEBALDconsult1-Mar-10 5:12
professionalPIEBALDconsult1-Mar-10 5:12 
RantRe: Depends on a website Pin
hfrmobile1-Mar-10 23:35
Memberhfrmobile1-Mar-10 23:35 
GeneralCommitment Issue Pin
W Balboos, GHB1-Mar-10 4:16
mveW Balboos, GHB1-Mar-10 4:16 
GeneralNO...NO MORE Videos Pin
koolprasad20031-Mar-10 1:47
professionalkoolprasad20031-Mar-10 1:47 

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