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Mehdy Moini 12-Dec-13 14:47pm View
My vote Mr.Ebrahimi
Mehdy Moini 21-Oct-13 13:58pm View
Start profiler on the sql server, and see what command exactly does pass to sql server from IIS, it is a handy solution for most of problems like these.
Mehdy Moini 18-Oct-13 16:02pm View
Mehdy Moini 18-Oct-13 12:10pm View
And also post your last error
Mehdy Moini 18-Oct-13 11:50am View
Well, your where clauses may remove rows from your result!
Mehdy Moini 18-Oct-13 11:49am View
Why don't you use two repeaters?
Mehdy Moini 18-Oct-13 11:49am View
why don't you yous two repeaters?
Mehdy Moini 18-Oct-13 11:42am View
Remove rows you don't wont by where clause!
How do you want to bind a repeater with unique Column name header with two tables which they have different column name?
Mehdy Moini 18-Oct-13 8:27am View
VisProdukt is a grid with two table?
Mehdy Moini 18-Oct-13 4:05am View
Your welcome.
Mehdy Moini 17-Oct-13 3:28am View
why don't you use sys.sp_addextendedproperty?
Mehdy Moini 15-Oct-13 15:47pm View
Amin khan, your question is not clear, what do you mean by login back?
and also with home peage?
ask your question clear with more detail :)
Mehdy Moini 13-Oct-13 1:58am View
you must have a sql server at least express edition!
Mehdy Moini 8-Oct-13 14:45pm View
Your welcome,
student(studentid, groupid)
StudentPreference(Studentid, Prefer1, Prefer2, prefer3)
Mehdy Moini 8-Oct-13 12:59pm View
Your nice 5+ ;-)
Mehdy Moini 30-Sep-13 3:07am View
Sometimes this error is refer to your Kernel memory or Pool memory, not your memory!
Do you use Message queue in your application?
Mehdy Moini 29-Sep-13 8:15am View
Change your browser, you may not have chrome install on your machine.
Mehdy Moini 29-Sep-13 7:57am View
the script is at home, i will share it when i back home and finished, please share your solution too.
Mehdy Moini 29-Sep-13 6:21am View
Sql,but still not finished,Just i have tested the Basic of scenario,I think good solution could be named as clustering algorithm.
Mehdy Moini 29-Sep-13 2:08am View
Did you see positions like this which you have to find a logic to improve your situation?
Or we as programmer only should to implement existing logic?
I think you are more expert as your Points, so it would be appreciated if you let me know your idea.
Mehdy Moini 28-Sep-13 15:40pm View
I have tested another way, i select students who are more preferred in first preference
and also students who are more preferred as second and third preference,
then i gave them priority as their preferred count and at last i want to make them as the core of groups, and setting their friends(students who preferred them) to their group.
Mehdy Moini 28-Sep-13 14:21pm View
I Like your question and i hope to give you a good solution
Mehdy Moini 28-Sep-13 2:27am View
Do you mean your UI language? you set your UI language in your content!
Mehdy Moini 27-Sep-13 23:51pm View
Please format your code as code in all your questions!
Mehdy Moini 26-Sep-13 12:25pm View
You should select all the data again because grid view select in paging mode, and you don't have all the records of data.
Mehdy Moini 23-Sep-13 15:10pm View
Do you have another server in your machine?
if not, . must work, your server may stop!
Mehdy Moini 20-Sep-13 5:47am View
Please consider processing time is more valuable than lines
Mehdy Moini 19-Sep-13 2:22am View
you can encode the url in client and decode on your source
check the link:
there are many components you can use
Mehdy Moini 18-Sep-13 12:49pm View
What is your connection string?
do you allow remote connections?
Mehdy Moini 17-Sep-13 13:26pm View
your welcome jean,is it possible to check if the file exists then delete?
Mehdy Moini 17-Sep-13 13:20pm View
So why didn't you call the URL expected?? why didn't you put : localhost:51668/xxxx/Gallery/Oil/TT in your href??
Mehdy Moini 17-Sep-13 12:33pm View
It depend on what you do in queueSouce_ReceiveCompleted, if you do something like editing the file, so two machines can't modify one file at the same time, i guess you may delete the file , as one of the exceptions is :the file not found
Mehdy Moini 17-Sep-13 12:21pm View
please accept solution if solve your problem
Mehdy Moini 17-Sep-13 0:44am View
use this tag in your page header i think it solve problem:
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
Mehdy Moini 16-Sep-13 12:32pm View
very good, is it possible to tell me about problem?
Mehdy Moini 16-Sep-13 7:29am View
If you want a global parameter you can put your variable in viewbag, but i couldn't understand your problem clear!
Mehdy Moini 16-Sep-13 6:41am View
profile your data with fiddler and find where you lose it:
Mehdy Moini 16-Sep-13 6:35am View
I found your picture error Sadegh jan, i think , if you are sure about your value in client layer, you should profile it with a sniffer and find where the value changes
Mehdy Moini 16-Sep-13 6:16am View
$('#newpassword').val() , are you sure about its value?,
once i had two element with same id and it cause same problem.
Mehdy Moini 16-Sep-13 3:18am View
call your url, directly without ajax and check if problem is related to your client code or server code, if error is still exists , zoom on your server code
Mehdy Moini 16-Sep-13 2:50am View
didn't change your error message?
did you follow the steps?
Mehdy Moini 15-Sep-13 12:49pm View
your connectionstring must be with master database:
Mehdy Moini 15-Sep-13 7:16am View
You didn't resize the picture in saving and reading from database, Are you sure your picture is not in big size, please note if your picture is in big size, some tools which is for showing images, show it in normal size, but that's not real size, check your original image size in it's properties, and resize if you need!
Mehdy Moini 15-Sep-13 2:02am View
did you test overriding __doPostBack?
Mehdy Moini 14-Sep-13 12:56pm View
I think when you encode by utf-8 actually you decode percent encoding which is default of browser, just i guess.
Mehdy Moini 14-Sep-13 8:13am View
did you test percent encoding in creating your url?
Mehdy Moini 14-Sep-13 5:36am View
when data modification is finished, then insert or update.
Mehdy Moini 13-Sep-13 13:56pm View
Redirect() and RedirectPermanenty(), redirect you to another URL