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Comments by raghunath sahoo (Top 8 by date)

raghunath sahoo 16-Apr-15 7:53am View    
I have 24 columns. If I use Print functionality of the data table, then I see 24 columns in the print preview. I do not need 4 columns from end. So once I click on Print i should be able to see 20 columns.
raghunath sahoo 26-Nov-14 7:13am View    
Please can you explain??
raghunath sahoo 14-Nov-14 5:25am View    
Thanks it helped..
raghunath sahoo 30-Oct-14 2:57am View    
function viewHDR(taskId)
type: "POST",
url: "mmtasks_update_task.php",
data: {
task: taskId,
type: "view_hdr_rep"
success: function(dataRetrieved) {
//The dataRetrieved is the HTML i am getting back. If I show it in the same page the UI is fine. The CSS and jQuery library gets linked. But I need to show data in a separate new tab. Need jQuery code to show it in new tab and also with the CSS of the parent.
raghunath sahoo 28-Oct-14 10:35am View    
Project:< exp2://Ticket/18918617>