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Comments by Debopam Pal (Top 37 by date)

Debopam Pal 2-Dec-13 23:53pm View    
I'm extremely sorry...The link that I was posted somehow changed. Now Check. Is it OK?
Debopam Pal 2-Dec-13 9:55am View    
I didn't told so...
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 12:50pm View    
Well said:)
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:59am View    
Listen, we're not here to fight with you. You can ask good questions, but I don't know why you're doing this stupid work??? Sorry, if I hurt you somehow, I don't want to...I hope you understand. Thank You.
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:53am View    
If you understand then it is good. But if you misunderstand, it will finish you.