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iDebD 19-Sep-13 6:06am View
debug it
iDebD 8-Sep-13 12:44pm View
In your last line I got your ans.
iDebD 23-May-13 2:49am View
you wrong....this is not happening in VS2010
iDebD 18-May-13 11:07am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n fine
iDebD 13-May-13 11:07am View
iDebD 13-May-13 10:44am View
What I checked if I can use a PNG image in place of BMP, in that case case the background can be transparent (As BMP can't have transparent information?);

But not sure if I can use a PNG image in CMFCToolbar button
iDebD 12-May-13 13:04pm View
1) Dimensions are different: Previously 80x15, now 160 x 32
2) Bit Depth: Previously 4, now 24
3) Both RGB

I have to use this BMP, no clue how to fit this current projet? Dimensions are not problem as this can be modified;
iDebD 11-May-13 9:20am View
MY xp was just SP installed....
iDebD 11-May-13 8:54am View
No no..I have figured out the issue...I have VS2012 installed and I compiled the code with VS2012; Now, there was some issue in VS2012 compiler (Still it has in v110) and the programmed in VS2012 will not run in XP :( Don't know why, but a lot in internet asked to use compiler v100 which comes with VS2010; Now I just Recompiled it with VS2010 and it was running well in XP;
iDebD 11-May-13 3:07am View
In my code there is no : EncodePointer
iDebD 25-Apr-13 15:39pm View
Thanks for your Input... :)
iDebD 25-Apr-13 15:38pm View
Delphi 7
iDebD 25-Apr-13 13:45pm View
LOL :) I got ans from another there is no need for you to understand!!! By the way you will not understand...
iDebD 23-Apr-13 14:09pm View
ok..i solved it myself; thanks

iDebD 23-Apr-13 1:54am View
I understand the problem here, I have a console application in Delphi, it is working fine, but this UI app not working, I am trying to fix it, Thanks for your help!!! If there any way to attach code, let me know!!!

iDebD 23-Apr-13 1:52am View
I want to give you all codes and DLL file; How can I attach it?
iDebD 20-Apr-13 13:04pm View
I am from India
iDebD 20-Apr-13 12:57pm View
I am from India;
iDebD 20-Apr-13 12:52pm View
I live in a third world country...downloading 2-3 gb will cost me $20; This is why I am trying to find another way, may be a smaller installer that will reconfigure x64 in VS; If I get no option I have to re-download 2GB VS
iDebD 20-Apr-13 12:34pm View
I don't want to re-download 2gb again; that's why
iDebD 20-Apr-13 12:25pm View
Express edition
iDebD 20-Apr-13 12:25pm View
Express edition;; I tried
iDebD 19-Apr-13 1:34am View
Best solutions are described here :)
iDebD 9-Apr-13 4:58am View
big virus is this " one should use it...
iDebD 6-Apr-13 22:55pm View
Yeah Mike, this thing is happening only for "Smart Installer"... I was checking 'InstallShield Limited Edition', but it integrated with vs; I want a separated one that is to be install and used, InstallShield Limited Edition is really a good option, if I found that is not simple, I have to use it;
iDebD 6-Apr-13 14:59pm View
Smart installer means ""
iDebD 6-Apr-13 14:35pm View
I am signing a Setup.exe here...that is Smart is signing but makeing the installer corrupted>...any clue why?
iDebD 6-Apr-13 12:05pm View
can any one elaborate the 3rd step,I am stuck here
iDebD 4-Apr-13 11:43am View
I was my mistake...the whole dll was corrupted......
iDebD 3-Apr-13 13:58pm View
I am using delphi 7 simple console application
iDebD 3-Apr-13 8:34am View
Ignoring your usual :)
iDebD 2-Apr-13 6:40am View
This makes sense .. Thanks. :) but why do you think the author needed to do memory related handing for the below case of SendMessage()?
iDebD 2-Apr-13 6:02am View
Hi Zoltán Zörgő and Garth J Lancaster ,

Thanks for your comments. Really appreciate that. I am aware of the message architecture of windows. What I wanted to know is the memory intricacies for the pString pointer. The string exists in the virtual memory of the first process. SendMessage() as I understand will make the windows OS call the window procedure in the notepad.exe which handles the messages sent to a notepad window. This window procedure of notepad.exe will receive the pointer to the string as a IN parameter and then sets the same to its client area.

Is this pointer address not the same as I sent from my application(with the code posted)? Because if it is so , that might not hold correct value in the context of notepad. Or does it gets handled by the operating system which calls the window procedure of notepad with a valid pointer (in its context )to the string that is passed in SendMessage()?
iDebD 27-Mar-13 14:42pm View Gives me current time...What will be date after 5 days???Is there any api...I don't want to make some big calculation....
iDebD 26-Mar-13 1:17am View
I was wrong. I am trying to write a console application whick will grab all urls currently open in all browsers.
iDebD 25-Mar-13 10:18am View
Okk...Got your point.. Actually I have very limited knowledge in this domain. I have to find another method..I was going in a wrong way..
iDebD 24-Mar-13 12:31pm View
Thanks @Maxim Kartavenkov for this code..It really helped me a lot :)
iDebD 15-Mar-13 6:39am View
os- win7
error - something time mismatch is creating false folder
sure i have permission, it is creating false folder.

As $mystring is unicod eit is not craeting it. if i use urlencode($mystring) it is creating folder with name "D%00E%00B%00D%00" where i expect "DEBD"
iDebD 14-Mar-13 10:21am View
still it is not working
iDebD 14-Mar-13 6:58am View
Yess..I that is the problem...I solved it..
iDebD 14-Mar-13 5:50am View
this is for PHP, noy for dot net
iDebD 1-Mar-13 8:51am View
SOme info:

If I take wchar_t to allocate pBuf, then it can raed unicode file properly, but cannot read Multibyte ones..
iDebD 22-Feb-13 11:30am View
I think one line is clear to you - "any simple example."??? Is it clear to you?
iDebD 22-Feb-13 11:29am View
I think one line is clear to you - "any simple example."??? Is it clear to you?
iDebD 22-Feb-13 11:27am View
It is an example. In Facebook there is an similar apps. It shows an arbitrary number.....
iDebD 18-Feb-13 4:23am View
Thanks a lot ...It is actual ans I think :)
iDebD 17-Feb-13 3:34am View
Hi Mr. Steve Jobs part 2, can you solve my problem or just taking a break before start posting garbage..
iDebD 17-Feb-13 2:57am View
iDebD 17-Feb-13 2:30am View
Hi Sandeep, thanks for editing it. Can you give any clue. From your previous post it seems that you know the ans.
iDebD 17-Feb-13 2:28am View
R you Joker or Coder? May God Bless you old man, God gave you only one tongue, so talk less!!!
iDebD 17-Feb-13 2:23am View
@Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov: Any update? You know the ans?
iDebD 17-Feb-13 1:52am View
Hi Sandeep, reading txt file and sending it is ok. But now whole PDF or doc needed to be uploaded. Sandeep you know how to upload file?
iDebD 17-Feb-13 1:50am View
Hi, any update?? You know how to do this?
iDebD 17-Feb-13 1:49am View
below accepting data? reading txt file and sending it is ok. But now whole PDF or doc needed to be uploaded. Sandeep you know how to upload file?
iDebD 17-Feb-13 1:46am View
iDebD 17-Feb-13 1:46am View
this will accept raw data, not file. I want php will accept file? @sandeep do you know what PHP API can be used?
iDebD 17-Feb-13 1:26am View
@Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov, do you know how to stream a Keyboard message to windows messsage queue other than SendInput?
iDebD 17-Feb-13 1:22am View
I gave reason. SA, can you ans the question?
iDebD 17-Feb-13 1:09am View
SFX cann't be used. Google Chrome installer is not SFX package