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Comments by Namith Krishnan E (Top 65 by date)

Namith Krishnan E 16-Aug-17 7:25am View
my mistake.I jst had a rough look at the code
Namith Krishnan E 16-Aug-17 7:22am View
Namith Krishnan E 16-Aug-17 7:10am View
solution updated
Namith Krishnan E 16-Aug-17 7:09am View
solution updated
Namith Krishnan E 16-Aug-17 6:58am View
did u added authorized users in web.cofig?
Namith Krishnan E 16-Aug-17 6:45am View
you are changing the language by culture right?
Namith Krishnan E 16-Aug-17 5:49am View
are you using windows authentication in your application or just enabled it in the iis for testing?
Namith Krishnan E 10-Mar-16 6:09am View
did you opened the file a_20160310_*.pdf in any other application while runing the code???
Namith Krishnan E 6-Jan-15 23:50pm View
By using interface we are enforcing the derived class to use the methods in the interface by overriding it
Namith Krishnan E 5-Jan-15 5:45am View
i know interface
Namith Krishnan E 5-Jan-15 2:27am View
I would like to know what actually is IEnumerable.I have searched about it and i didn't understand anything...Please help
Namith Krishnan E 9-Dec-14 23:25pm View
did u get any hint?
Namith Krishnan E 9-Dec-14 23:24pm View
is this work even if the application is not running?
Namith Krishnan E 9-Dec-14 23:24pm View
is this work even if the application is not running?
Namith Krishnan E 9-Dec-14 23:23pm View
is this work even if the application is not running?
Namith Krishnan E 9-Dec-14 23:21pm View
how can i create windows service in i think windows service want to create in seperate
Namith Krishnan E 5-Nov-14 1:41am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n not enough code
Namith Krishnan E 14-Oct-14 2:34am View
is ur class file and web.config in the same project?
Namith Krishnan E 14-Oct-14 2:25am View
is data type of column 'TestIC' is varchar?
Namith Krishnan E 14-Oct-14 0:21am View
yes....u r right,iam assuming he is inserting into one table
Namith Krishnan E 9-Oct-14 3:12am View
By looking at this code i think this one iam looking for

Namith Krishnan E 9-Oct-14 3:02am View
i want paging too,if i take top 6 i didnt get the next results in paging
Namith Krishnan E 9-Oct-14 3:01am View
i have paging and working file.But the problem is with the performance.when the listview loads it takes a lot of time because of large amount of data.when using data pager it takes all the result from table and display first 10 instead of this i only want first 10 result totake from db
Namith Krishnan E 9-Oct-14 2:58am View
iam using data table for binding listview
Namith Krishnan E 7-Oct-14 8:20am View
then how can i create paging?
Namith Krishnan E 12-Aug-14 23:56pm View
what is the error?
Namith Krishnan E 1-Aug-14 8:28am View
i dont want counter in my web application.Its the count of visitors viewing item in ebay
Namith Krishnan E 1-Aug-14 6:24am View
specify more details about your requirement
Namith Krishnan E 1-Aug-14 6:19am View
i want to update an item...not insert.How can i get ID for updating in list view using jquery?
Namith Krishnan E 16-Jul-14 3:40am View
I want to update the same page.i have full working site with aspx page and dll
Namith Krishnan E 16-Jul-14 3:21am View
Could you please provide a link or example
Namith Krishnan E 16-Jul-14 3:19am View
I have list view and it is not associated with any sql datasource.listview is binded in Code behind
Namith Krishnan E 27-Jun-14 7:22am View
by using itextsharp i had extracted the text and remove some text.Now i want to display the resume in the correct format.Now its a string without any format
Namith Krishnan E 23-Jun-14 7:13am View
Namith Krishnan E 23-Jun-14 3:35am View
Namith Krishnan E 20-Jun-14 7:43am View
do u using update panel in this page?
Namith Krishnan E 20-Jun-14 7:34am View
I have already installed word on server (only word 2007 from office package) before word installing the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll cant be found on server.After installing word the error becomes interface not registered
Namith Krishnan E 20-Jun-14 4:07am View
Are you using any script for reloading the page for that button?
Namith Krishnan E 20-Jun-14 4:04am View
what is the actual problem?
Namith Krishnan E 20-Jun-14 4:03am View
Namith Krishnan E 20-Jun-14 3:20am View
Try clearing using CCleaner
Namith Krishnan E 20-Jun-14 3:17am View
post error
Namith Krishnan E 20-Jun-14 3:12am View
Do you have the source code of your web site?
Namith Krishnan E 20-Jun-14 1:06am View
Are u using
Namith Krishnan E 20-Jun-14 0:14am View
I had already googled it and not found any solution
Namith Krishnan E 19-Jun-14 5:38am View
Namith Krishnan E 19-Jun-14 3:40am View
Namith Krishnan E 19-Jun-14 2:53am View
By using iframe causes any error in functions?
Namith Krishnan E 19-Jun-14 2:16am View
Is there any other way by changing anything in web.config?
Namith Krishnan E 19-Jun-14 2:15am View
how it is posssible to show a single url by adding hyperlink in header or footer?
Namith Krishnan E 11-Jun-14 0:13am View
Did u get the solution.I have the same issue?
Namith Krishnan E 9-Jun-14 7:43am View
how can i do dat.?Please give code samples
Namith Krishnan E 9-Jun-14 7:12am View
i have already converted the word file to html and can view using iframe.But the problem is i dont want to display phone number and email.when iam cheched each string in that html file for specific format(either email or number) that string also includes html code and when it removes the html code also removed.i want to read the substring(only phone number or email) of each string in that html file and remove only that part
Namith Krishnan E 25-Feb-14 5:40am View
How can i properly align the contents?
Namith Krishnan E 25-Feb-14 5:14am View
How can i get the same style as in report while writing that content in to html page.....?
and How to remove printing url at the top and date at the bottom.....please help
Namith Krishnan E 25-Feb-14 2:58am View
Did you get any solution. Please let me know...
Namith Krishnan E 25-Feb-14 2:29am View
By looking at the code i dont think its working in
Namith Krishnan E 24-Feb-14 5:03am View
Is this work in
Namith Krishnan E 19-Feb-14 2:48am View
how can i insert images(Screen shot of my problem) in this section..?
Namith Krishnan E 15-Feb-14 3:33am View
ok....test it with 28 beta3.0......Thanks Again
Namith Krishnan E 15-Feb-14 3:22am View
for the issue in latest firefox add this cssclass for asyncfileupload

.imageUploaderField input{width:100%!important;}
Namith Krishnan E 15-Feb-14 3:07am View
Your code works iam using the latest version of firefox 28 beta 3.0....its the problem of their new version...

THANKS for your help :p
Namith Krishnan E 15-Feb-14 2:47am View
it works fine in chrome
Did you try it in firefox?
Namith Krishnan E 15-Feb-14 2:10am View
when iam using console this script cuase error

<script type="text/javascript">
$(":file").filestyle({ buttonText: "Find file" });


after commenting now also that message appears
Namith Krishnan E 15-Feb-14 1:22am View
when iam doing this the script is unresponsive and shows this message in browser

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: http://localhost:5782/default.aspx?_TSM_HiddenField_=ToolkitScriptManager1_HiddenField&_TSM_CombinedScripts_=%3b%3bAjaxControlToolkit%2c+Version%3d3.5.60623.0%2c+Culture%3dneutral%2c+PublicKeyToken%3d28f01b0e84b6d53e%3aen-US%3a834c499a-b613-438c-a778-d32ab4976134%3ade1feab2%3af9cec9bc%3ae4bd8421%3a35576c48:12