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Manikandan Sekar 4-Sep-13 3:36am View    
Actually i tried that sort of things. I dont need like that. I need to print data(example take a receipt which is shown in a form in a datagrid). I have to print the datagrid from the windows mobile to the printer by using bluetooth that is assigning job to printer from windows mobile similar to assigning job from desktop application except that i need to do that using windows mobile
Manikandan Sekar 2-Sep-13 3:00am View    
What you are asking is a project. If you want someone to do your project means hire someone. If you want create on your own means Google it and get some ideas. Start your move and ask help when you stuck anywhere means.
Manikandan Sekar 2-Sep-13 2:51am View    
Is the connection is working properly, and make sure that the returned dataset has all the same fields with same alias name for the fields which you bind in the datalist
Manikandan Sekar 2-Sep-13 2:48am View    
So what have you tried. You post that you need to display as string but you didnt mention what data you received and also in which format. Post your snippet and query clearly so that others can help you
Manikandan Sekar 22-Aug-13 4:11am View    
Reason for my vote of 3 \n Good