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NaVeN Kumar 21-Aug-17 8:35am View
Sorry. I have updated the question. Please let me know if Im not clear.
NaVeN Kumar 12-Jan-17 5:29am View
If end user passes as 0110 it will take 72. Can we prevent that in any other way?
NaVeN Kumar 18-Dec-16 10:35am View
Hi Kornfeld, I have verified and found some articles where they have created like below.. Is that correct way? will it causes any performance issue?

[AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Property, AllowMultiple = false)]
public class Precision : Attribute
public byte precision { get; set; }
public byte scale { get; set; }

public Precision(byte precision, byte scale)
this.precision = precision;
this.scale = scale;

public static void ConfigureModelBuilder(DbModelBuilder modelBuilder)
modelBuilder.Properties().Where(x => x.GetCustomAttributes(false).OfType(Precision).Any()).Configure(c => c.HasPrecision(c.ClrPropertyInfo.GetCustomAttributes(false).OfType(Precision).First().precision, c.ClrPropertyInfo.GetCustomAttributes(false).OfType(Precision).First().scale));

Then in your OnModelCreating simply add the following:


And in your Model simply add the Precision attribute to any decimal properties.

[Precision(18, 9)]
public decimal? Latitude { get; set; }

NaVeN Kumar 9-Dec-16 4:54am View
I am not sure whether my thought is best solution or not. I will try it and post.
NaVeN Kumar 25-Jul-14 4:34am View
Yes It worked when I used

Directory.GetFiles(directoryPath, "*", System.IO.SearchOption.AllDirectories);

Thank you so much... :)
NaVeN Kumar 25-Jul-14 4:12am View
We have some period to keep the files. I have to remove the file only after checking the file created on versus given period. Once that period is over then only I can delete the file.

Sorry I did not mention this before.
NaVeN Kumar 21-Jul-14 4:41am View
Thanks for the solution Vani Suresh, but it is not working for all formats...

If I have given 12345-123 then I got like below

12345 -123
NaVeN Kumar 21-Jul-14 4:36am View
Perfect thanks for the solution Peter... :)
NaVeN Kumar 27-Jul-13 2:47am View
Thanks Amy for the solution. But in this case update progress is not working... Is there any way to show loading image while uploading file...?
NaVeN Kumar 27-Jul-13 1:13am View
okay... I need to show loading image when they click on Load button. Iam doing that using update progress... If I remove load button from updatepanel is it possible to show Loading image?.
NaVeN Kumar 24-Jul-13 1:54am View
Hello Rohan,

Thanks for the links. But in all these articles they are showing in popup... But I need in below of edited row like parent and child rows.
NaVeN Kumar 17-Jul-13 2:10am View
Thank you gajendra... :)
NaVeN Kumar 13-Jul-13 0:36am View
In same file...
NaVeN Kumar 12-Jul-13 7:58am View
Is this works to export data to second sheet as I did not see any sheet names specifically.
NaVeN Kumar 24-Jun-13 2:07am View
Hello Silvabolt,

Thanks for your valuable information.... :)

NaVeN Kumar 22-Jun-13 0:42am View
Hello Silvabolt,

I have used onRowCommand event for this... This code is working in IE9 but not in IE10. It is firing if I remove update panel.. I used trigger also... I don't know why it is not working in IE10...

<asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="grdCustomerUsers" EventName="RowCommand" />
NaVeN Kumar 20-Jun-13 8:21am View
Hello Mahesh,

No script error is giving... but this code is in updatepanel... I removed updatepanel and tried then it worked fine... What I need to do now...?
NaVeN Kumar 4-Jun-13 2:26am View
Yes I used firebug and did not give any error... Script is not even firing if link is disabled but fancybox is opening with old values. I am not getting whats the mistake and suspecting that, we are opening on base of cssclass, so link is having that class and opening.
NaVeN Kumar 3-Jun-13 4:45am View
Yes I am using onclientclick event... Script is not firing as they were disabled.
NaVeN Kumar 31-May-13 1:14am View
I have disable link buttons in GridView if value is not present. When i click on disabled linkbutton script is also not firing.
NaVeN Kumar 31-May-13 0:58am View
Hello Ankur,

I tried as you suggested but even then also fancybox is opening.
NaVeN Kumar 29-May-13 3:16am View
Thank you sergey for the info...
NaVeN Kumar 27-May-13 7:18am View
I am having expand image button (+) in gridview for every row. If i click on (+) image it should show child records and + will change to collapse (-) button. If i click on (-) button child records should go off...
NaVeN Kumar 23-May-13 8:31am View
Hello Sunasara Imdadusen,

ImgName means Imagename... If image name is present then i need to show that image in fancybox. if not there just show alert like not available.
NaVeN Kumar 23-May-13 8:29am View
Hello Tadit Dash,

Yes you are correct... At first time mean to say if user click on unavailable image button then only alert is coming. Once popup is opened, then it is coming for available and unavailable images also.
NaVeN Kumar 23-May-13 6:40am View
Absolutely... I tried fancybox.close also but did not work. Any suggestions..?
NaVeN Kumar 23-May-13 5:02am View
Hello Tadit Dash,

I have checked, ImgName is coming empty ("") when image is not uploaded.
NaVeN Kumar 17-May-13 2:19am View
hello abdussalam143 thanks for the info,

Is it possible with datalistview... if so can you please suggest any references...

NaVeN Kumar 10-May-13 7:34am View
Is MyTable is your sheet name? You have to give sheet name in Xl sheet. If MyTable is your sheet name then give like SELECT * FROM [MyTable$]
NaVeN Kumar 8-May-13 5:14am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Correct one...
NaVeN Kumar 8-May-13 2:27am View
Thanks for the info...
NaVeN Kumar 3-May-13 0:56am View
Your answer is really awsomeeeeeeeeeeeee........ Thank you very much for your help on this... :)
NaVeN Kumar 2-May-13 9:20am View
Row_Number() is not working as it is sql2000. Giving exception like below
'Row_Number' is not a recognized function name.
NaVeN Kumar 2-May-13 8:19am View
Sorry... The CMD may have another value like 'Insert', 'Delete'... I cant get on cmd base. I have to get latest record for that component id based on created_on or Updated_on.
NaVeN Kumar 15-Apr-13 4:59am View

Thanks for knowing us that your problem has been resolved. :)
NaVeN Kumar 15-Apr-13 2:48am View
Are you getting records in your datatable? Just check it once.
NaVeN Kumar 5-Apr-13 3:27am View
do i need to change requestvalidationmode as "4.0" as my version is .Net 4.0?
NaVeN Kumar 5-Apr-13 3:16am View
.Net 4.0... Yes,I have placed this text box control in updatepanel.
NaVeN Kumar 4-Apr-13 7:42am View
Thanks every one for the help....
NaVeN Kumar 4-Apr-13 7:39am View
Thanks Rajesh... It worked...
NaVeN Kumar 1-Apr-13 1:11am View
Hello Sekahr,

Have u got any solution for your question because I am also having same problem.
NaVeN Kumar 12-Mar-13 5:55am View
Please post your code here...
NaVeN Kumar 21-Feb-13 2:25am View
Can you please elaborate your question...!
NaVeN Kumar 20-Feb-13 3:12am View
Did not understand...Can you please elaborate your question...?
NaVeN Kumar 5-Feb-13 7:57am View
Do you need that conversion in C# or what?
NaVeN Kumar 5-Feb-13 6:26am View
Try to put update panel for dropdown list. Otherwise go through the below link for other ways..
NaVeN Kumar 30-Jan-13 5:12am View
Hi Keerthana,
Any scroll bar comes only when it overflow rigtht may be your content is not overflowed. Try to reduce height and see if you want to test.
NaVeN Kumar 9-Jan-13 5:13am View
Can you please elaborate your question. What is your problem.?