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Comments by yudhistira dewanata (Top 4 by date)

yudhistira dewanata 3-May-13 5:49am View    
Well, i guess I'll just create a new form for each datagridview.Thanks.
yudhistira dewanata 22-Apr-13 5:48am View    
wow that's sad. Then should i really use a different dataGridView variable for each different table? Do you know any other way to do this?
yudhistira dewanata 22-Apr-13 5:45am View    
Yes I change it.
Well, when i tried creating a new dataGridView dgdisplay2. (not an array)
and change the previously working code to dgdisplay2 it works just fine.
yudhistira dewanata 19-Apr-13 2:52am View    
Thanks for the quick reply, I'll try using the free bar model.
Can i ask for suggestion? what would you do to solve this problem, what do you think is the most efficient way solve this?