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Laiju k 19-Mar-18 0:45am View    
hope you update We can get some idea on what you really want.
Laiju k 26-Feb-18 3:01am View     CRLF
public ActionResult Add(long ? id,long ? RoleId) { I cant send full code. Below solution worked for me I just needed the correct syntax.Thanks for helping and sorry if created any inconvenience.
Laiju k 26-Feb-18 2:40am View    
Thanks a lot third one is working
Laiju k 24-Feb-18 6:24am View    
yes action is accepting two parameters but I don't know the syntax on view.Sorry for the delay
Laiju k 19-Feb-18 1:17am View    
you need to save the status of read/unread(checkbox) to the database.It is best way for you retrieve data on every time the page reload.