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Comments by An@nd Rajan10 (Top 131 by date)

An@nd Rajan10 23-Mar-15 0:53am View    
Can you give me a solution.pls @ LGM
An@nd Rajan10 23-Mar-15 0:24am View    
i changed that condition nothing happens,only one version of jquery i tried.
An@nd Rajan10 13-Mar-14 7:44am View    
thank you soooo much its works
An@nd Rajan10 13-Mar-14 7:36am View    
i am using like
public ActionResult Create(string sports)
ViewBag.SportsNams = sports;
return View();

sports is null..
what is the mistake..
An@nd Rajan10 13-Mar-14 7:17am View    
thank you.. how to get the value in controller give an one line example