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Comments by RickSharp (Top 6 by date)

RickSharp 20-Nov-12 17:52pm View    
Thank you Sergey, being that I'm completely new, I have a large learning curve ahead. Yes, that makes sense. Sometimes its simply thinking through what you need done step by step and start coding. You helped me understand that extensions are simply telling the shell what application to use. Thank you for that.
RickSharp 20-Nov-12 17:35pm View    
I appreciate your help.
RickSharp 20-Nov-12 17:31pm View    
Not sure why you're being hostile Sergey. This is my first post and I'm totally a beginner. If this is how new user's are treated here I can certainly post somewhere else and delete my account and not recommend codeproject to my friends. First post buddy, show a little restraint from belittling new users maybe?
RickSharp 20-Nov-12 17:08pm View    
Yes, exactly. A CSV file is a text file, but yes I needed to strip the delimiters and change the extension to .TXT which would change it from being a .CSV file. I'll be more specific going forward.
RickSharp 20-Nov-12 16:58pm View     CRLF
Easy Sergey. I'm not looking for a handout. And a CSV file is not a TXT file. Thats why one is named COMMA delimited and the other one is named TAB delimited. Sheesh.