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Comments by hardy panchal (Top 17 by date)

hardy panchal 24-May-18 5:54am View    
so getting Ipaddress using
$.getJSON("", function (data) {
Ip = data.ip;

it will give correct ?
hardy panchal 22-May-18 8:43am View    
I don't want any value of element in Iframe .just want only that my browser support Iframe or not .Thats it.
hardy panchal 22-May-18 7:33am View    
I just only to know that my browser is compatible to Iframe
hardy panchal 22-May-18 7:28am View    
Itried that .but that i dont want . i need my browser support Iframe or not

Hello world!

above div is require to keep in iframe ?
this give me undefined in some browser and give error like
Cannot read property 'contents' of null
in some browser
hardy panchal 2-May-17 7:14am View    
Can you please elaborate ?