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Comments by miss786 (Top 185 by date)

miss786 17-Jun-16 9:43am View    
Hi, Thank you for your suggestion and help. I am little unclear in regards your solution. Should i be returning the method outside the loop? Thanks
miss786 17-Jun-15 9:22am View    
Hi, Thank you for your reply. I have updated my function above with pasteSpecial property, but I am still getting a blank data output in the book1.xls file.

Any further help would be very much appreciated.
miss786 28-May-15 7:45am View    
Thank you you so much for the updated answer. I very much appreciated that. :)
miss786 28-May-15 7:15am View    
Thank you for your response and help. However, when executing the above expression i get the following error parsing "(+|[a-zA-z])\d+(+|[a-zA-z])" - Quantifier {x,y} following nothing.. I have tried editing this but I cannot seem to resolve it. Thank you
miss786 15-Apr-15 7:48am View    
Thank you very much for your solution. Much appreciated.