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Comments by Saineshwar Bageri (Top 18 by date)

Saineshwar Bageri 28-Dec-17 1:33am View
Can you use stored procedure for getting data using entity framework and then bind that collection to dropdownlist.
Saineshwar Bageri 27-Dec-17 2:09am View
This are some Generic-Repository Example might help you.

Saineshwar Bageri 26-Dec-17 5:09am View
Is there any error you are facing.
Saineshwar Bageri 22-Dec-17 1:42am View
1. Are you uploading document using Ajax ?
2. If you want to get updated download link then add link part into partial view then call partial view after submit click.
Saineshwar Bageri 21-Nov-17 2:21am View
this link might help you
Saineshwar Bageri 12-Oct-17 8:35am View
In which format your image is stored (physical image , Bytes , Base64Format)
Saineshwar Bageri 12-Oct-17 8:32am View
Try to write inline css to table and export html to pdf.
Saineshwar Bageri 10-Oct-17 2:04am View
have you seen the link in this you can do that you can search facebook and open it.
Saineshwar Bageri 9-Oct-17 3:00am View
Are you using Master page?
if yes then your button id gets changed when you use Master page that's why your click event do not fire.
Saineshwar Bageri 18-Jul-17 13:46pm View
Have you tried to browse application locally on webserver
Saineshwar Bageri 27-Jan-17 0:58am View
Are you calling logout action Method from Html anchor tag or @html.actionlink.
Saineshwar Bageri 25-Jan-17 6:32am View
Try JSON.stringify({}); to sent Parameters.
Saineshwar Bageri 25-Jan-17 5:53am View
You can create partial view of controls and use its my thinking.
Saineshwar Bageri 25-Jan-17 5:51am View
Please have a look into browser console is there any error you are getting in it ?
Saineshwar Bageri 5-Jan-17 6:08am View
Use same idea but you need to apply class to this menus accordingly then it will generate like that.
Saineshwar Bageri 5-Jan-17 2:48am View
Is web service and Insert data in database in same project then you can debug it.

Try doing a find in files in you entire solution to check for any other occurences of NotImplementedException
Saineshwar Bageri 4-Jan-17 9:20am View
Is your ip Address is coming in Encrypt format then only you can decrypt it.
Saineshwar Bageri 6-Dec-16 1:26am View
The value which you are posting from angularjs are similar to model (Data).
var data = {
name: name,
age: age,
adress: adress
because if it is not same then model binding will not work here.