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Comments by Ash29 (Top 31 by date)

Ash29 8-Dec-12 3:16am View    
well is there any way to solve my problem
as in i hav to arrange/position the items with decimal values
is there any other alternative to achieve the same?
Ash29 1-Dec-12 3:40am View    
Thanks for the reply.
This solution is efficient enough.
Ash29 1-Dec-12 3:24am View    
yes exactly
Ash29 1-Dec-12 3:21am View    
Hey Krunal thanks for the reply
I have resolved that by adding more variables
like this
string time1 = T.TimeOfDay.ToString().Split(':')[0].ToString();
string time2 = T.TimeOfDay.ToString().Split(':')[1].ToString();
string time3 = T.TimeOfDay.ToString().Split(':')[2].ToString();
n that works!!!
Ash29 1-Dec-12 3:19am View    
A quick n prompt reply
CodeProject simply rockz